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Baby Yoga/Dancing Baby


(Blogger’s notes: Updated from a previous post.)

Our little guy is quite the rough-and-tumble baby; there are few dull moments with him around. (You can see the cat making a narrow escape from an eager Muffin here.)

Starting when he was about 8 months old — and still attending physical therapy — he was beginning to get really active. After he learned to roll over, he’d push himself up on the balls of his feet and make a V with his little body. Just before starting to crawl, he’d balance on one leg and kick the other in the air. Fancy tricks for a preemie. We called it baby yoga.

Then came the Dancing Baby. Once he was standing well on his own, he was also stomping his feet, rolling around on the floor on his tiny behind, and even literally shaking that booty. We called that Wigglebot.

Now that he’s walking so well (and almost running), his gross motor confidence has increased to the point of choreography. He loves music — music on computer videos, the stereo, in movies. He’s started moving to the music, and it’s so cute. Stomping his feet, waving his arms, twirling around, and sliding his legs apart like he’s aiming for a split. Clever little dancing baby! Taking after his mommy! πŸ˜‰


He’s so very strong for such a little guy (he still only weighs 23 pounds!). We’ve also called him Buff Baby.

Sometimes all his antics really try my patience. But one day I know I’ll miss this stage. So, bring on Baby Hercules and Wigglebot and Dancing Baby!


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