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What Happens When You Read Warriors

Well, at least this is what happens when I read Warriors: The Prophecies Begin.



“OH MY GOSH!!!!!!”



I needed tissues. I needed to be alone. I needed to fist pump the air. Yes, these are kids’ books. Really, they are.

These are surprisingly deep kids’ books. Forbidden love? Check. Brewing evil leader to rival Lord Voldemort? Check. Metaphor for racial intolerance and what’s worth fighting for? Check.

Cats die. It is sad. Not because they’re animals, but because they’re characters that I’ve grown attached to. I cheered with their successes, sympathized with their plights, and my heart swelled when they found that special love, or had kits, or lost a friend.

Yes, I get emotionally involved when I read.

So, I have finished the first sub-series. Moving on to a couple of super-editions before I get into the next sub-series. Need a bit of a break from completely unexpected tearjerking moments. I’m focusing on the super-editions Crookedstar’s Promise and Yellowfang’s Secret, seeing as the tales of these individuals are complete (as of the end of The Prophecies Begin), and I know there will be no new surprises. And getting more details of their backgrounds is cool. (And necessary. Vital, even.)

And maybe pretty soon I’ll read something totally different. Just for a  bit. We’ll see. I’m hooked.

(Notes: I can’t take credit for any of these pictures. They were all found by Googling the amazing fan art of the Warriors series.)

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