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Warriors Update: Super-editions

Bluestar of ThunderClan

The super-editions of Warriors focus on the story of one particular cat (usually an important cat, like a Clan leader), or on a certain aspect of their background that needs more details filled in. The super-editions started being published somewhere between the end of the first series (The Prophecies Begin), and the start of the second (The New Prophecy). Though they’re meant to be supplemental to the full series — meaning you’ll already be familiar with these characters and some of the specifics of their story — I actually started with Bluestar’s Prophecy, to help shape my understanding of Clan life and how it works.

As a result, I gave myself a few spoilers (which normally I try to avoid), but it also meant that when I began reading the full series in earnest, Bluestar was immediately one of my favorite characters. I already knew what she had sacrificed, how she became a great leader, and understood her inner thoughts. As I read through The Prophecies Begin, knowing some of the “hidden” tidbits filled in gaps in a way that didn’t damper my reading experience.

Yellowfang of ThunderClan

Not so the case with Yellowfang’s Secret. (I discussed that in “I Need a Post-Yellowfang Support Group.”) The good thing for me about Yellowfang’s background tale, though, was knowing how it ended — and that it’s bittersweet, but ultimately fair and just to the best medicine cat in the forest. If you can make it to the end of this one, dear reader, you’re of a thicker skin than I.

Firestar of ThunderClan

Recently I completed Firestar’s Quest, which was actually the first published chronologically, and is interesting because it actually doesn’t concentrate on Firestar’s own Clan, which you’d think it would. Around the online Warriors fan communities, there was this discussion about SkyClan, which confused me, as White Fang (my son) had told me there were 4 groups in the forest — Thunder, Wind, River, and Shadow Clans. In Firestar’s Quest, SkyClan is explained, and though it may not seem to have anything to do with anything, if you make it to the last few chapters, there will be a big reveal that directly ties SkyClan into ThunderClan’s legacy.

This means there is also a “spinoff” — entitled SkyClan’s Destiny. I decided to skip this one at the moment (simply because I am way behind on where I want to be in the third series, Power of Three). I’ll come back to SkyClan’s Destiny

Crookedstar of RiverClan

The thing that I really liked about Crookedstar’s Promise is that Bluestar and Crookedstar, though from different Clans, were contemporaries — they were in the same generation, and grew up at the same time, and were basically friends, even in spite of the rivalries between their Clans. This mutual respect and understanding of the warrior code — and the possible challenges parts of it present — led to shaping the destiny of several cats, all very important figures in the series. Revisiting pivotal events from Bluestar’s Prophecy, from the perspective of the RiverClan cats, was really neat.

Tallstar of WindClan

I’ll also be coming back later to Tallstar’s Revenge. Tallstar is one of my favorite cats outside of ThunderClan; and since we generally don’t get to learn a whole lot about WindClan, I’m looking forward to finding out more about them. But dear Tallstar can wait for a bit; there are other plot points in Power of Three that are dragging my attention away…

There are several more super-editions now, but I have to have read much more of the regular series before they make sense… Did I mention I’m vanishing to read for a while?


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