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The Song Connection Tag Updated


For those of you who are new here (that’s a lot recently — thank you! *waves hello*), I don’t do much in the way of tags. But there were a few (book-related), and I started one myself a little while back.

It’s a tag for writers (of which there do not seem to be many in the blogisphere, interestingly). I called it The Song Connection Tag (and I’m pretty sure I made it up while listening to music and hoping to be able to write, during a rather bad experience of writer’s block).


  • Think of ideas you have for your current WIP (work in progress), and try to connect one of your favorite songs to a plot point/character arc/important scene to give you inspiration.
  • Aim for 3 (but if you can come up with more, kudos to you).
  • Explain your reasoning for each song/writing part.
  • Tag 3 others, or open it up to your whole community.

Here are mine…

My current work in progress is a contemporary fantasy YA series. I have a rather broad playlist while working, and these are some of my favorites, and the ones that came to me very easily while musing over plot points and character growth.

“Viva la Vida” by Coldplay — the arc of one of my main characters (her name is Amelia). 

The reason this song speaks so strongly to me is because I’ve had this idea for a very long time, of Amelia, who has connections to one of the deposed aristocratic families of France (during the Revolution). One of her favorite books (not surprisingly) is A Tale of Two Cities, and she identifies most with Sydney Carton (again, not surprisingly), the Dickens hero who decides to sacrifice himself rather than see someone he loves suffer. She’s faced with a very similar situation, and this novel figures prominently into some of her most important scenes.

“Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift — it relates to the changes in a major relationship (and life in general) for one of my narrators.

(Yes, I have more than one narrator. It made things so much easier because of the scope of topics/POVs I’m trying to cover.)

In this instance, her name is Avery, and this song is for her because she meets the love of her life after she takes a (very purposeful) walk in the woods. The parallels in the song between a literal woods (like in Taylor Swift’s video), and the metaphor of the ups and downs of a relationship so stand out to me for Avery. She needs to say goodbye to her love, and accept a new way of life, and she doesn’t want to.

“Hello” by Adele — two of my main characters trying to reconnect to each other and a previous time in their lives. 

This is Avery again, and her childhood friend/foster sister, Rebecca. After being very close, as young adults, they grew apart, and years later, their lives converge again in an unexpected way (part of it is a bad way). They need to stay strong for the struggle they’re now facing, and not let their past get in the way of their future.

Who’s next? If you are a writer with a WIP and would like to undertake this endeavor, go for it! Please let me know in the comments or include a link to your post. Happy creating!


4 thoughts on “The Song Connection Tag Updated”

  1. Aw, this a lovely idea for a tag! I’ve not seen a tag yet for writers, actually. This’ll be interesting 🙂 All of these songs are so well thought out – I can see how they all link back to your WIP. It’ll be a bit harder to do with my book, but I’ll be sure to think of some soon.

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