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The Book Fort

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Recently, I sent this message on my Twitter account:

“Taking me to Barnes & Noble right now would be dangerous. You’d find me inside the book fort I’d built in YA, announcing I’m never leaving.”

This is how I plan to get ready for NaNoWriMo, quite frankly. I am going to pretend the rest of the world (and any of my problems) do not exist, and cannot affect me, and I shall ensconce myself in my symbolic fort of reading and writing awesomeness.

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Yesterday there was a lot of yardwork, before the lawn became completely covered with fallen leaves. I don’t like doing yardwork. But I decided to take out my issues with my novel on the bushes in my front lawn. And I tweeted about that, too:

“Me trimming bushes: Think you’re so clever because you’re so much taller than me, eh? Ha ha, the clippers will defeat you!”

I actually spoke to said plants while attacking them with the shears. (What is wrong with me?)

And is there really a point to this post, other than to freak out about NaNo and hope that somewhere out there in the vacuum of blog-space there are people who can sympathize?

Maybe. Maybe not.

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7 thoughts on “The Book Fort”

  1. Book fort! I love it. Also, I speak to the leaves that have the audacity to pile up in my drive way -_- which I then have to sweep incessantly. I have neighbors. I can feel their eyes of judgement.
    I would personally love to see someone make a book fort inside of B&N. Then I could knock on the door and ask to join them 🙂 or ask to be book fort neighbors!

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