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I Need A Little Frill

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Wake up and smell the masculinity. I am surrounded by males. My husband, my two sons, even the cat is a boy. Muffin is only 2, and still in the realm of as cute as puppies, and cool with cuddling stuffed animals, and not minding one bit that I, for example, call him Muffin. But he is definitely all boy. He likes to play with cars, trucks, trains. He loves to crash and throw his toys. He enjoys saying, “Crash!” and “Boom!” when something goes off the rails in a movie.

Now, I’m not exactly a pillar of femininity. I mean, I like to wear dresses and heels on occasion, and I love ballet, and the color pink, and flowers, and stereotypically girly things such as those. But I also don’t mind jeans and sneakers being my standbys, or watching superhero movies with lots of explosions, or the fact that most of the time my TV is dominated by programs involving construction vehicles.

But every once in a while, I need to immerse myself in something that the guys just wouldn’t be up for. Like Downton Abbey. Or The Nutcracker. Or Enya.

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I don’t think I should have to apologize for this, either. I know they probably won’t care one bit that I got a new jewelry box and am concerned over how to arrange my jewelry within; but it’s a perfectly valid thing. The fact that the season for cool boots is nearly upon us, and I forgot to pull mine out until yesterday is not okay — they don’t get that. I do have to think about just what my characters wore to this school function or that party or the bookstore, because it could very well impact which other character develops a crush on them, and if they really want so-and-so to like them because he has a certain reputation with girls…

Is anybody else hearing this? I know that a lot of my faithful readers are also guys (and thank you so much for sticking around, really!!), but sometimes I just have to be a girl. Sometimes the perspective I write from will only come from that fact. Sometimes only the readers who get it will also be wives and mothers. No offense…

So, if you’re also a woman surrounded by testosterone, and just need that occasional cup of tea with plenty of chocolate and a discussion on the enduring legacy of Beatrix Potter, feel free to stop by The Invisible Moth and take a furry pillow to the comfy sofa. Maybe one day I’ll be successful in kicking the boys out for an afternoon, so we can rule the roost in heels and pashminas.

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5 thoughts on “I Need A Little Frill”

  1. Yup- totally hear you with this!! I’m not especially surrounded by guys at the moment, but I have been in the past. Either way- I like being girly! (I’d say from time to time but sometimes I can be so girly that my brother has called me “camp”- which is a bit of a weird thing to call a girl!)


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