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Editing Woes

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So, now we are down to just 5 days before the official start of NaNoWriMo. And I am — to quote Peg Plus Cat — totally freaking out.

Partly this is because I have been going over my outline for my novel, and as I do so, I see a whole lot of things that need to be changed. For example:

  • “But if I leave that in down at chapter 12, then this event here in chapter 8 makes no sense.”
  • “I created that character and then just forgot about her later on. That’s not cool.”
  • “Hang on — I changed that setting!”
  • “Wait a minute — I took out that relationship!”
  • “This part isn’t in my notes. Oh, right, because I decided to delete it because it added nothing to the story.”

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All of this creates some serious #BOOKDRAGONPROBLEMS.

For those of you who aren’t on Twitter, you may have missed my most recent Tweets. Including this one:

“Apparently we are no longer bookworms. Our new title is book dragon (courtesy of Cait @ Paper Fury).”

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There was a thing from Goodreads making the social media rounds a few days ago — that the term “bookworms” is outdated. O-kayyyy… Not that any of us who would call ourselves bookworms were aware of that fact…

So, the Queen of Book Blogging and Writing in Australia — who’s also known in these realms as Cait of the website Paper Fury — decided we are now to be called book dragons. It’s a great idea, I can definitely get behind it.

And, when you’re talking about NaNo prep, book dragon is much more accurate, anyway.

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We tend to roar and breathe fire when things aren’t going so well with our outlines/editing process. We like to hoard our treasures (golden characters and sparkly plot twists). We tend to hide deep underground in our secret lair (or wherever we go to write).

But we can also be fuzzy and cute and magneficent. We can fly, and we can telepathically speak to other animals and silly mortals. We are worthy of our title.

And we grace the world with our blessings of amazingly written books.

(I will, I will defeat my editing issues!) 

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