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November Novels

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Count down to NaNoWriMo.

Step 1: Realize what you have agreed to undertake, and panic.

Step 2: Calm down. Stockpile chocolate and tea.

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Step 3: Create your outline. Do research. Make notes. Stay awake at night developing your character’s flaws and potential for growth.

Step 4: Take a break to keep your sanity. Spend a day doing something important, like stalking people on Twitter or petting your cat.

Step 5: Return to the outline. Knuckle down and determine what makes sense for the plot and what seems like filler. Target word count is only 50,000, after all. 

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Step 6: Make a trip to your local office supply store for pens, notebooks, ink cartridges, batteries, and anything else you think you may need, like cookies, and sleeping pills.

Step 7: Start writing, typing, or both. Feel free to crank up the music and sing along. Add as many words per day as possible until you fall asleep/your kids explode/your house begins to drown in unwashed dishes and laundry. Yell at the chores to do themselves.

Step 8: Repeat this pattern for as long as you can, hopefully through the whole month of November. Survive the next 30 days. Hopefully win something, like free books and a t-shirt, or at least accomplish your own goals, like participating in this event, and still being human afterwards.

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