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Time to Whine

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Okay, so I’ve done pretty much nothing besides vent about my NaNo experience (pros and cons) this week. But, as I pointed out yesterday, it is now December (?!?!), and therefore we should move on to other topics…

Is it just me, though, or is it something about this time of year? Especially if we don’t feel ready for it? The last 36 hours or so, I’ve felt an intense urge to complain.

In the past, even if I felt Thanksgiving was too early to put up holiday decorations or start playing Christmas music on the radio, I generally developed a somewhat festive spirit by the actual day. However, last year, I totally bottomed out, and didn’t care about decorating, or buying gifts for the kids, or anything. I literally wanted to skip Christmas.

This year, overall, I feel better equipped to face the holiday this year. Overall.

And maybe it is the sort of “letdown” of NaNo being over (sorry, but I had to mention it again). Yesterday on Twitter I posted a message to this effect, and within minutes someone had replied that it was not just me. Yes, I won NaNo, and there is a huge amount of pride and relief and happiness wrapped up in experiencing that moment. (All right, plural moments. It was all I could talk about on Monday and Tuesday.)

But then, strangely, there was this feeling of…an almost anti-climatic sense to the whole thing ending. Maybe it’s because so much of my schedule/routine/focus was totally driven towards this one goal for about 27 days. In a row. That’s a long time to be immersed in something…and then, just like that, it’s over?

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Requiring my concentration to shift from all the writing stuff to holiday stuff (of which I am not a huge fan anymore) is making me grouchy.

I think it’s also the usual stuff that no one wants to deal with at this busy time of year.

White Fang, when I know you have a Christmas concert coming up, do not say you forgot the actual date. Give me the damn date so I can put it on the calendar and tell everyone and be prepared.

Yes, I know that Minecraft 1.11 just came out, and it is a huge deal, but you really can spend 20 minutes of your computer time checking your email (that you admitted hasn’t been checked in a few weeks).

Muffin, I don’t care that you’re only 2. I’ve been repeating the same instructions for literally the last 3 months. Just do them already. Do leave the cat alone. Don’t climb up there. Just stop throwing what the heck ever.

Learn the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, husband, puh-lease. Otherwise I will order the wrong movie from Netflix, and guess whose fault it will really be?

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And is it just me, or does it bother the pickles out of other people when folks just disappear from the blogisphere or your contacts list, no rhyme or reason? I’m not talking about the co-workers that announce they’re moving out of town, or the blogger who makes an official post that he/she is returning to university and really has no time to blog right now. I mean the people that have been a constant in your real or online life, then just kind of vanish, no explanation given — then suddenly turn up months later and act like everything’s fine. Huh??

This is something that’s been rubbing me the wrong way this year. I’ve had this experience a few times, and maybe it’s just me, but I really feel that when you have an ongoing social interaction with someone, it’s simply rude to do this. (Please tell me I’m not alone…)

This is a major part of why this season is not my favorite. One of the areas in which I am concretely on the spectrum is not enjoying large social gatherings. Oh, I can do it for a short period — say, Thanksgiving dinner or a chorus concert — but after a few hours, it all becomes a bit much. The noise, the body heat, the jostling, all the different voices talking at the same time — yeah, it just does me in. And the closer we get to Christmas, the more opportunity for such events arises.

Generally, I’m able to duck out of certain invitations, with either “I can’t get a babysitter” or “I don’t have transportation” — both of these may be valid on the night in question, anyway. But sometimes I just have to suck it up and bear with the event until it’s over.

At least online I can certainly choose not to participate in challenges, link-ups, and the like. And online, people assume it’s because there are other, valid commitments taking me away from the keyboard. Sssh… (Well, I do have these commitments, too.)

However, one of the things I’ll miss about NaNo being over is the sense of companionship from all those other participants. Even autistic adults need that. So, although my presence this month may be a little decreased, I’ll still be around, and I’ll still need all that support and encouragement you moths have given me all year.

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7 thoughts on “Time to Whine”

  1. Ahh I do understand all those- sometimes we all need to just vent! (Although for me that usually ends up being some obscure political rant to some poor friend/relative/family member 😉 ) and yeah I get what you mean about it being the end of nano- it’s a strange feeling that makes me want to plan to do more! Which I guess is a good thing?!


    1. Yeah, I feel like I never want to take as long again to finish a novel – the first draft of what became this book was actually started about 5 years ago! After learning that I can do it in 4-6 weeks, I really want to make that sort of time frame a goal from now on!

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