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Highlights of My Year


So, there’s this trend on my Twitter feed, of people finding things about 2016 that were nice, even great. And I really like that. It was an intense year for all of us, I’m far from the last to be glad to be moving on in the calendar; but with the dark there always comes some light, and we need the reminder.

We passed some major milestones for Muffin. Despite the fact that this included eye surgery for him (which was, if you ask me, an all-around terrifying thing), correcting his vision was absolutely necessary for his balance, coordination, and walking to improve. He still has some issues with the torticollis (post on that in the near future), but he’s come a long way since the past spring. He also is making some great strides in speech therapy and PT, which is never to be underestimated for a preemie who had 4 weeks to go in utero.

The Polecat was blessed with one more life. Our beloved Toby faced some very serious concerns in September, when he somehow injured his leg, and there was a real chance of infection and even worse occurring. But, after nearly 2 weeks at the vet’s, he came home to us almost healed, and by October, all traces of his wound were nearly gone. Thank you, God, for caring about little furbabies, too. (By my count, Toby has used 5 of his 9 lives. Please start being more careful, fuzzy-soft dude.)


I won NaNo. Not to be glossed over and so worth being a little vain about. It was a mammoth task, and about 25 days in, I was freaking out. But I pulled it off, and that meant I finally finished my draft for Masters and Beginners. (The outline alone literally took about 5 months.)

The first novel in my fantasy series is about to be printed. After November 30th, I completed my editing (with a sort of devil-may-care-it-shall-be-done flair), and sent a PDF of my document to the printer I’ve selected. The formatting issues went remarkably smoothly, and proofing is happening as I speak. Beyond exciting.

(By the way, if you’d like to pre-order your copy, please visit: You can pay any amount you wish, and that site accepts foreign currency as well. And I do ship internationally. Remember, orders 1-15 get a free mini-subscription box, and all orders after that still receive a gift!)


I reached more than 200 subscribers! This feels so big to me. My little corner of the blogisphere is pretty self-contained and a little nervous about letting others in; so the fact that over 200 people want to keep coming back here is quite humbling for this moth.

Warriors. This may not make sense to most of you, but I have spent several months raving about this series, and can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Back in the early spring, I undertook the challenge to read as many of these novels (there are nearly 100 in the series) as I could. I’ve made it through about half, and I am hooked. It’s one of the best fantasy/juvenile series I’ve ever come across.


White Fang survived 7th grade, and is doing well in 8th grade. About 6 months ago, I was totally fed up with the excuse for special education that was happening to my oldest, and was nearly ready to say homeschooling was next. But then there were some faculty changes at his school; and while a couple weren’t what either of us would’ve preferred, there were a few that were absolutely essential for his growth. So this year he’s thriving again, back on the Honor Roll, and the interpersonal conflicts that were rampant last year have all but vanished.

Open magic book with the light. Eps 10


8 thoughts on “Highlights of My Year”

  1. What a wonderful post…it warmed my heart to read of all the triumphs you are able to recount….the best of which are tied to your beautiful child and your dreams-come-true as relates to being a writer…how incredible that you have completed a real live novel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations and Happy 2017 🙂

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