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2017: Plans, Goals, Perspectives?

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Notice I cleverly avoided the word “resolutions.” We all make them, then forget about them, or can’t stick to them. So, I don’t “resolve.” Rather, I hope, plan, intend.

When it comes to this blog, what are my thoughts?

  • More reviews on books that aren’t necessarily topping the bestseller lists. Especially Middle Grade and true YA (ages 12-16). As a parent, I’ve been a bit bothered to discover that a lot of the novels being published in this genre are, in fact, not suitable for adolescents. This is something I think more parents should be aware of.
  • More discussions on topics I haven’t really covered yet. Such as my background in primary education, my time in England, and more updates on my WIP. Maybe more flash fiction as well. Something I’m toying around with.
  • Quantity-wise, less posts per week. Sorry, everyone, but looking at my calendar for the next couple of weeks, I can already tell that trying to post every day (as I’d attempted to do last year) is just not realistic/sane. So, I will certainly be here, but a bit less frequently.
  • No tags or challenges. No offense to anyone. If you’ve ever tagged me, I love you, I do, for thinking of me and wanting to include me. Truly. You rock, moths. But it’s a time thing again. My plans for writing Volume 2, my need to be at Muffin’s specialist appointments, and other such things mean that I need to be kind of picky about how/what I concentrate on when I blog.
  • Despite the reductions I just mentioned, find ways to increase my subscribers/stats. Quality over quantity, I’m musing. Learning how to use Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads more has given me a bigger platform, so I need to find ways to attract more moths to the flame. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) How do I develop posts/content that don’t just bring visitors once or twice, but make them feel they have to add my site(s) to their regular internet routine?

What does this mean for other areas of my life?

  • Try to encourage my family’s emotional/overall health. We’re a family of picky eaters, and of not always sleeping well, and both of these impact our moods. I’m considering expanding my cooking skills to include some vegetarian dishes, and working on organizational and meditation methods to help coping mechanisms for all of us.
  • Really get going on Volume 2. Now that Volume 1 is actually well on the road to printing (remember to visit my Go Fund Me page for pre-orders! — see last post), I don’t want to sit on my laurels too long. My current contemplation for Camp NaNo in April is to set a definite word count goal towards Volume 2.
  • Continue making progress on Muffin’s therapies. He’s beginning to make some headway on OT (occupational therapy) and speech, and after everything he’s already been through, I really want to get to the end of this journey.
  • Not freak out over the fact White Fang is supposed to enter high school in the fall. Shut up, please, school district — it’s an entire 9 months away, so please give me a chance to wrap my head around it first.

All of this aside, here’s to 2017! Let’s go for it, everyone!

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11 thoughts on “2017: Plans, Goals, Perspectives?”

  1. Good luck with these goals!! (I always avoid the word resolutions too…too much pressure!?? Like I have things I want to achieve in a year, but I don’t want to like change everything haha because I’m terrible at sticking to things.) And that’s definitely fair not to blog everyday! I cut back last year and I’m pretty happy with 3 or 4 posts per week. Life is busy right?!? Blogging shouldn’t be stressful. *nods* And keeping with quality over quantity still keeps the visitors coming which is great!!
    Good luck, Daley! 🙂

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  2. Happy New Year! I love all of the resolutions you are making here, and I would LOVE to hear all about your time in England! 🙂 Also, I get it about not posting every day. I post three times a week and already find it time-consuming, but it’s hard to find a right rhythm of blogging. I hope you will! 🙂

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    1. My schedule should be less busy than last winter/spring; but there are simply other projects I need to focus on more than blogging every single day. You’re right, it takes up much more time than one would think! Thanks (as always, Marie!) for your support and encouragement!

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