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Don’t Panic If…

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It’s been 6 minutes since you hit “publish” and no one’s looked at your blog. It may simply be because most people who usually read your blog are at work, in school, asleep, or just not online for a number of very good reasons. Even if it’s been 6 hours since you posted your latest astounding “op-ed” and there aren’t 763 likes on your page, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean the love isn’t coming. Hang in there and stay positive.

You just can’t think of anything to post. Yes, this is coming from me, who tends to just churn them out at the rate of rabbits reproducing. The fact is, I have just about used up my interesting ideas reserve, and my brain is getting really close to stepping aside from blogging for a bit. And there are times when we just feel that blogging is too time-consuming or not necessary (think Christmas or right before a family vacation). And that’s all right, too.

There are some people who can’t handle you having your own opinion. This is an issue across the blogisphere, but unfortunately a lot of book bloggers get serious grief for deciding they don’t/do like a novel/series/author that others love/hate. It does not hurt anybody either way. It’s all about personal taste, and just because we don’t all like the same thing does not mean the Earth will stop rotating. (We sincerely hope.) So, just ignore or ban the trolls, and take comfort in your blog buddies who do appreciate and support your voice (especially the blog buddies who don’t 100% agree with everything you say, but would never try to force you to change it).

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You just can’t see what all the hype is about. If there’s a book/series/author that lots of people are going ga-ga over, but you read the first 50 pages and just couldn’t get into it, it truly is okay. Remember what I said about everybody having their own opinion and it being all right? Yeah, that. Don’t lose sleep over what you “might be missing.” If you feel your life is still complete without that one thing, then let it go.

Someone doesn’t like your favorite book. If we’re going to accept that our own views are valid, then we really need to accept that so are others’ — even if we’ll have to agree to disagree. Especially if the reasons someone gives for not liking the book you’d re-read 10 times are things like: “I just didn’t care for the writing style/the genre/the pacing/the lack of dragons.” If we insist on respect from others, we should be happy when they give it.

You don’t seem to be as “successful” as other bloggers. You know the ones I mean — 1,000 WordPress followers, 800 on Instagram, 550 on Twitter. They type, “I sneezed today,” and it goes viral. The urge to compare ourselves to them is almost overwhelming. Guess what? It’s not all about the numbers. If you have a core group of people who honestly enjoy most of your content and your virtual company online, then count yourself lucky.

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You never got around to… Completing that tag or challenge, joining that group, signing up for that newsletter, ordering that service, or looking up that person. Oh, well. Life is busy. We won’t all get around to every single thing we once intended or hoped to do. And, hey, the world is still spinning…

You can’t figure out how to… Use this format, that layout, alter a certain feature of your blog, or employ gifs and memes that are “everywhere” else. Hint: Popular does not mean mandatory. Nor does it equate to your blog is less important than another’s. There’s something to be said for an easy to read/use design, but what works for the community at some other site won’t necessarily work for yours, and all of that. (Again. I keep coming back to it, for some reason…)

The world doesn’t appreciate your genius yet.  If at least a few people online are singing your praises, then feel tremendously blessed that you’ve found those individuals who will stand by you. Take it from someone who struggled for years to be something I am not so people would like “me” — being yourself is much better.

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Panic If…”

  1. I really appreciate this post. It is really important to me to not focus on comparing how I am doing to how others are doing. Everyone goes at their own pace and everyone grows differently. I can’t compare my beginning to another’s middle or end.

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  2. Oh gosh yes, sometimes people cannot handle other people’s problems- I never ban them and always let people have their say- in my opinion, if someone is so offended that I took a different stance on a book then that is one hundred percent their issue not mine. If someone doesn’t like a book I did, then I don’t care either. Great post!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I wouldn’t ban someone, either, just for having a difference of opinion – as long as they stay respectful and it’s a fair discussion. Unfortunately I’ve come across posts where some bloggers said some very nasty things, and when someone tried to respond to them respectfully, the person being polite got shut down. You are very fair on your blog, and I applaud you for it.

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      1. You’re welcome! Yeah that’s fair- I let them talk even if they’re not respectful- cos it doesn’t bother me- but normally I ignore them unless someone else gets involved with them. Yeah I’ve seen that too. Thank you very much!

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