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Trying Something New

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Greetings, fellow moths. Some of you may remember my hinting at being around less in the near future. Partly that’s been because I need to work on Volume 2, the immediate sequel to my pending release of Volume 1 of the Order of the Twelve Tribes: Masters and Beginners. So very important, of course, since I already knew there would be a sequel (and I’ve already stated my goal is to have the draft finished by spring).

But it’s also because I’m experimenting with some new things for this blog, and my writing, and where I get my inspiration for both.

In the last few years, I’ve been attempting to catch up on all the “must-read/must-see” trends that have exploded in entertainment. And I have come to the conclusion that: I cannot do it. It’s only been 2-3 years of conducting this experiment, and I am tired of having to care about knowing the release date for each new book/movie/show/game, what all the catch phrases mean, and which fandom is grouching about what this week.

So I have decided: no more. I am officially giving up on TV shows that have been getting on my nerves for a while now. The meaning of the hashtags can go away. There will not be sweating if I can’t read all of the books. 4-5 blog posts a week shall go the way of the dodo if I simply can’t hack it. Panic shall not occur over whether I’m remembering to include all the elements of diversity/tropes/YA writing trends in my fantasy series.

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When it comes to my fiction writing, the number one priority has to be staying true to the voice of the story. Whether it hits all the checkmarks on someone else’s list of amazing YA novel or not. After all, haven’t I recently posted a lot about the need for authors to go their own way, and not worry so much about what “they’re all” doing? Following my own advice is probably a pretty good idea…

And there’s something else, too. As the series grows, as my characters develop more, and the plot finally begins to travel of its own volition, it’s sort of becoming…organic. Its own creation, not just mine.

Have I made anyone’s head explode yet? I hope not (kind of hope so).

Yes, I am the writer, this whole idea came from my head, and I am in control of it. But the original concepts I had for this series (easily a year ago now) have shifted a bunch. I’ve realized I don’t have to keep worrying to remember which obscure pop culture reference I wanted to pay homage to (since it came from an ad I saw at least 6 months ago), or the fact that a certain character originally had blue eyes and not brown. Oh, well! (This particular person looks better with brown eyes, anyway.) My point is, I need to focus on taking the story from where it is now.

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The same goes for this blog. The plans I had when I started The Invisible Moth (heck, even when I hit my 1-year mark) were very different to how I feel about blogging now. And that’s all good, too. I don’t have to follow any set schedule or format. (Didn’t I already post about that as well?)

Plus, sticking to a theme can be hard. Sometimes the content you feel you have to stick to gets tedious, or tiresome, and if nothing else, you’d like a change for your own sake. Lately I’ve been having some existential crisis issues about what to blog or not to blog. This isn’t cool, or necessary.

Yes, I have this blog largely as a way to build a community that will support my writing and encourage others to read it and hopefully get people interested in my books. So having a consistent online presence is important. However, this is also supposed to be fun. I am not being paid to blog, I post to no deadlines, and if I really want people to subscribe because they enjoy my content (and I truly do), then my content had better be pretty quality, yes? Hence, burnout will most likely result in less-than-quality posts.

So, honestly, I’m not quite sure what we’re going to see in this space this winter. But most of you have stuck around for the ride up to this point, and have seemed cool with that. Shall we, then?

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6 thoughts on “Trying Something New”

  1. I understand your struggles about blogging, and when it feels like a chore, it’s good to take a step back and remind ourselves of why we love it, and why we started it, because it was supposed to be fun, and it still is! We just need to find what makes it fun for us, and try and have that every single time we blog 🙂 I’m sticking around for sure and I can’t wait for everything that’s next on the blog, about your writing, about your thoughts, about everything that makes this blog such a cool place 🙂

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  2. Ahh I know what you mean about trying to keep up with trends, but it’s good to just do what you like, like you’re saying you want to – gonna go all biblical now if you’ll excuse me, but Hillel’s quote usually does it for me: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” Not much point doing something that suits other people – it’s great that you just want to beat to your own drum!

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