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Ways In Which I Am Not A Traditional Geek


Most of the “the world” would consider me a geek. I am rarely seen without a book in my hand; I won’t be watching the latest chick flick, but a new sci-fi movie I’m game for; I have (shamelessly) cried like a baby during Doctor Who season finales.

But, there are several views I hold that would be shot down by the same “geek” community many would subscribe me to. So, I guess it’s confession time.

I don’t play video games. That’s right. The only reason I know so much about them is White Fang’s dad was a game designer. I have failed horribly at first person shooters such as Halo; been the master of mashing buttons in Dead or Alive (4, I think); and the last Final Fantasy I played was, I believe, 10. All of these experiments weren’t my idea (though I will admit to enjoying DoA and FF). The screenshot above (from Minecraft) is courtesy of White Fang, who is basically a programmer in training, and the resident Minecraft fiend in my midst. When I see ads for new games in a series I’m familiar with, or game-inspired movies, I’m a little bit in the know, but very little, and that’s not likely to change.


I love ballet. A lot of “geeks” are into Broadway and the ballroom/jazzy/hip-hop style of dance that’s predominantly featured in those shows. But that’s just not for me. (Further confession — I don’t even like musicals. Sorry, folks.) Classical is the style I love the best, that my body appreciates and emulates the most, and that I am likely to drop everything for. (No offense, anyone, but) I won’t race to the TV for a clip of Hamilton; but a new version of Swan Lake — and children need to learn to watch themselves.

I don’t like Star Wars. This one may get me in some hot water. But it’s just a fact. And I’ll hasten to add, it’s just my opinion. If you’re a massive Star Wars fan, good for you. (I’m not one of those jerks.) But I’ll just have to politely excuse myself from the in-depth discussions about Jedi vs. Sith and the complexities of The Clone Wars.

I gave up on Doctor Who halfway through Matt Smith. Like many fans who had mixed feelings about the story arcs after Amy and Rory were close to leaving/had officially left, my drive to keep caught up on new episodes really faded out. And I just did not care for Clara or her storylines. So, since I don’t have to plant myself in front of the TV for this show, I’m not. I still fondly re-watch the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant eras, and am content to stay there.


I never read comic books, have barely touched manga, and avoid graphic novels. Again, this is purely personal taste. The main reason I don’t do this format is simply because I find it confusing. Following the text in the bubbles and the action in the pictures with no over-reaching narrative to explain what’s really going is super tough for me. I truly appreciate the work these artists put in to their genre, though; so, for their sake, I’m really glad I’m in the minority of non-fandom.

The only Star Trek series for me is the original. (Leonard Nimoy was one of my childhood heroes, and I want a Tribble; I’m aware of the risks.) Am loving the new movies that go back to this show’s roots.

I’ve only read through The Lord of the Rings books once. No, this does not make me a traitor, I swear. And I saw the movies before I started reading the trilogy. Still not a traitor, really.


Along those same lines, I generally don’t read high fantasy. Not knowing how to pronounce anyone’s name, or where they’re going, is a real turn-off for me as a reader. I’d much rather (gasp!) wait for the movie to come out.

I don’t even belong to any fandoms. Stop shouting at your screens, I swear I am a true geek. When I was 7, I wanted to marry The Goblin King, and be Almathea (The Last Unicorn). Rose Tyler is the best Companion ever; it’s officially carved in a block of ice on the planet Woman Wept. For my birthday I got an Evenstar. I proudly carry a TARDIS tote bag. Minecraft has llamas now. See? For me, it’s more about time than anything else. I have a slightly obsessive trait buried down deep (because I’ve repressed it to survive), and if I let myself get started on the forums and the accounts and the threads, I would never eat or sleep or take care of my kids. And those things are kind of important, too.



6 thoughts on “Ways In Which I Am Not A Traditional Geek”

  1. Oh gosh I relate to this post *so much*!! While I was at school I really related to being a geek- I mean I love learning and I read books all the time- but when I got to uni I found a lot of people disagreed with me that I was a geek…. which was weird. I don’t play video games either- the closest I’ve ever come is a phone version of the sims (to proper gamers that doesn’t even count). Plus I’m the same about ballet. And to be honest there are tons of non-typically geekish things I’m obsessed with (sports, politics, fine art) haha I have the inverse of the star wars/star trek thing going on though. I gave up on Doctor Who around that time too!!! (it got dumb) And I have no desire to join a fandom either!! It’s funny though cos I do like fantasy and am interested in trying out graphic novels… but because of how restrictive I find the geek label nowadays, I rarely identify with it nowadays. Anyhoo- I loved this post and how it summed up some ways we can be non-geekish geeks! 😉

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    1. Yeah, there were so many people at school that thought I should “hang out with the super smart people,” but I had very little in common with them. I don’t get a lot of the sci-fi references, because it’s not a diehard genre for me, nor do I care to try to force myself to get into things I just know I won’t like. It’s strange, but now there seems to be sub-communities of geekish and geekness, and just how that’s defined is definitely changing.

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      1. Ah I understand that! For me it didn’t come till uni when I saw how specific people’s tastes were. Yeah I’m the same about sci fi. And yes- absolutely agree with you about not forcing yourself to get into things you know you won’t like- I’m the same- I don’t see the point in forcing myself to read/watch things that don’t interest me. And yes, that’s definitely the case

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  2. Hey, to each their own. Although I may or may not have looked at my screen with my hands up slightly yelling “What!?!?” when you said you’re not Treky 😉
    I’m right there with you on Dr. Who though. Watched seasons 9 and 10 only and then I was done. Once David Tennant left, there was no point for me.
    I totally don’t understand Minecraft, like……..what does it even do?
    I read the Hobbit but got only halfway through The Fellowship of the Ring. Loved the movies. Watch them all the time. Incredibly jealous of your necklace. It’s been sitting on my Amazon wish list forever.
    The only Manga I own is Sailor Moon and Sailor.
    You’re not alone!!! I very much relate to you. Great post!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, there seems to be a sort of “thing” now, where people who have always followed a certain show or series of whatever feel like they have to be into it forever, even if their favorite star leaves, or the plot just gets stupid. I have no qualms whatsoever about giving up on something that doesn’t do it for me anymore.

      Minecraft is great, because it’s the only game I know of where there’s no pre-set mission or goals, so you can do basically whatever you want. The possibilities for creativity and imagination are endless. White Fang particularly likes maintaining a village, so he’ll build more houses and keep more livestock and make boats for the rivers and subway systems in the mineshafts… It’s pretty amazing what some people have come up with.


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