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White Fang’s Greatest Hits

My “baby” is turning 14 next week (bring out the tissues and leave me alone). As a tribute to my ever-brilliant, ever-maddening, ever-amazing oldest, here’s a re-post of this collection of zany and poignant tidbits.

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On Muffin hitting the troublesome stage of toddlerhood: “One day I’ll come home to you chasing a naked baby running through the house, while something’s boiling over on the stove, and you’re dropping stuff, and the cat is like, ‘Let me out of here.’ ”

On Muffin complaining while they were wrestling: “I will squish him, and then his cuteness will be absorbed into me. …This is going in the blog, isn’t it?”

Image result for minecraft warriors

When he found his latest Minecraft house was overrun with monsters: “Tiny pest problem. Super tiny. I’ll be able to fix it.”

When he discovered some of these same monsters were not behaving themselves: “Oh my gosh, Creeper and Spider, stop trying to mate! Oh my gosh, get a room!!”

After Muffin’s first Early Intervention visit: “Mom, do you think he’ll have autism? If he doesn’t, will he be able to understand me?”

Image result for warriors cats

While trying to arrange a Gathering for his Warriors fan community: “And Bramblestar said, ‘All cats, here, sit beside this…giant pile of…stuff!’ ”

Image result for warriors cats



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