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The Books I DNF Edition

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Here’s a moment of extreme bravery on my part — a book lover admitting that there are some very popular books out there that I started reading but didn’t finish. In some cases, I’m not even saying I didn’t like the book. It’s just that, for whatever reason (and trust me, there are always Reasons) it remains uncompleted in my reading life.

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  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: Number one, it is *enormous.* It’s even bigger than Illuminae. If you need the ultimate doorstop/weapon against zombies/footstool, this is it. But it wasn’t just the length that was daunting; the author’s style meant that I was severely confused for long enough (about 150 pages) that I had no qualms about returning it to the library without reaching the end.
  • Cinder: I know this one will be a surprise, as there are many, many avid fans of The Lunar Chronicles. And I like looking into fairytale re-imaginings. Maybe it was the sci-fi twist, but I just never felt comfortable with this series, and I gave up about halfway through Cinder.
  • Shadow and Bone: This was definitely a personal preference, because I also like re-tellings of Russian mythology. But the extreme violence (when it didn’t have to be that intense) really got to me, and I removed this selection from my TBR around page 200.
  • Wonder: We read this as a book club selection a couple years ago. White Fang really enjoyed it, but I did not. Maybe it was the constant POV shifting (and yet they all sounded about the same — isn’t it a shame when that happens), or the motive for writing this novel being what I saw as extreme selfishness on the part of the author; but this tale never gelled for me, and I just let White Fang tell me how it ended.


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  • The Invisible Library: It read like a movie script. Has anybody else found that? Lately there are several releases that simply read like the film version of the story. If it is a novelization of the original book-to-movie, then it doesn’t bother me. But when it seems that the publisher makes a release designed specifically to go to the big screen ASAP, then it makes for a sub-par reading experience.
  • The Maze Runner: Oh, but this just offended my PDD reading sensibilities. The choppy writing style, the major stream of consciousness interfused with it-may-be-real-it-may-not-hey-wait-the-narrator-has-no-clue throughout… I passed it over to White Fang by page 50. (Interestingly, he thought it was pretty good.)
  • Eragon: No dragon fans hit me. I’ve seen the movie, and the dragon is stunning. But I just couldn’t get through the almost-pretentious writing style. It made my eyes and my brain hurt. Sorry, folks.
  • Incarceron: This felt like The Matrix in book form, and I do not like that film. The cover is amazing, but it feels like such a lie…


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  • Leviathan: Alternate history and steampunk just confuse me. My brain kept trying to figure out what the real history would’ve been… And I don’t enjoy brain-ache when I read for fun.
  • A Shadow Bright and Burning: It just seemed…a bit unbalanced? Certainly rushed. And the idea of all the men in London immediately falling in love with this nobody female who may have very dangerous magical powers bothered me.
  • The Finisher: It’s an intriguing plot (dystopian, but everything has reverted to the Middle Ages instead of futuristic tech). But the writing was slow and unengaging, and I still didn’t feel attached to the characters by chapter 10.
  • Splintered: This is the one that I can’t really put my finger on why I DNF it. I like Alice in Wonderland spinoffs, and I’d recently had some disappointments in that category, so I was eager to try something new. Maybe it was just the letdowns were too fresh in my mind? I feel like I could give Splintered another chance.

10 thoughts on “The Books I DNF Edition”

  1. Ah there are so many books on here that I didn’t finish (or wish I hadn’t)- I’ve never been able to get through anything by Baldacci (they’re all the same aren’t they?) and I could not get into Invisible Library’s style either. And I was pretty disappointed with Shadow and Bone too- for different reasons though. Great post!!

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    1. Actually, I’d never tried a David Baldacci before The Finisher – and that was part of the reason I picked it up – I’d wanted to try more well-known authors that I hadn’t read, and this was a YA debut for him, so I thought, “hey, cool.” But after reading some 2-star reviews on it, I discovered that most people found it was just like everything he’d written for adults.

      I gave The Invisible Library about 30-35 pages before I tossed it right in the returns bin – usually I give a book at least 50 before totally giving up. It truly didn’t impress me at all. I was simply doing the casting in my head (“this would be so and so, and they’d totally film that scene here”), so I said, sod it.

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  2. I love a lot of these!! But I also don’t blame you for ditching…I kind of wish I had the ability to DNF, but I hate unfinished things.😂 Oh oh except Eragon. I think I read 100 pages when I was about 12??? And then it had to go back to the library. But it’s on this sort of “well i’ll still finish it one day” shelf in my mind bahaha. And I also DNF’d Wicked because it was SO BORING and read more like political dull dry statement than a story. And I had the same question about A Shadow Bright And Burning. Why was everyone in love with her? <– a question I ask myself during a lot of YA books.😂

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    1. Yeah, why were all the cool young wizards anxious to get together with a woman would most likely *set them on fire*? I actually had to refrain from rolling my eyes.

      Oh, yes, Wicked was *terrible*!!! I couldn’t finish that one, either! It was so awful I actually came up with an excuse to return it to the store!


    1. Oh my gosh, that’s a series? 🙂 I just didn’t know – our local library is pretty small, and rather far behind on some new releases. Maybe I’ll try some of these again one day. I might have to be in just the right mood, though. 😛

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  3. I had the exact same experience with Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I kept wondering when is this scene gonna end…Finally I ended it as you did. I put it back on the shelf. :-/


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