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Fair Warning…

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Some of you may be aware of this already, but I will be taking another short break from posting. Partly it is because: a) Muffin and White Fang have appointments and I need to physically be present; b) I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo; and c) I found out last year that my hatred and terror for April Fool’s Day has now spread to the internet and social media. That last one means that, since I have an intense fear of being pranked during this most ridiculous of traditions, after falling for something last year on April 1st, I will be avoiding social media like the plague for the next few days, just in case.

Not to sound all doom and gloom, there are some things I’m looking forward to next month. Er, really, I promise…? Spring approaching is definitely high among the hope factor. Also — and this is the really big thing — Volume 1: Masters and Beginners is slated to be released by April 21st. We’ve had a few hiccups getting through this process, so I truly hope the most recent was the last. Once publication is official, I’ll have the information available on how to obtain a copy!

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Camp NaNo is, honestly, making me a bit nervous. My goal for the whole month is only 25K words, which should be achievable… But around all the other appointments and the like, there are several days when writing anything may not happen. So this puts a little damper in my potential excitement for this venture… We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Otherwise, I’m hoping for things to settle down a bit around here. I could use some peace and quiet, and the chance to get a little further on my TBR. At the moment, I’m just re-reading some of my favorites (not that this is a bad thing!), but it means my intention to attack some of the wonderful-sounding books I’ve added to my Goodreads page is stagnating somewhat. (I’ve never had this problem before…but I only joined Goodreads a few months ago as well…)

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So, if you don’t see much of me around in April, it’s simply because these other things are taking up most of my time. I promise I will return, and I will miss all of you while there is less contact!

I hope your spring is beginning in beautiful fashion!

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9 thoughts on “Fair Warning…”

  1. Ahhh good luck with Camp!! And with the boys and the appointments. I hope they all go well. And I hope you get a chance to write and meet your goals, but like even if you don’t, any amount of words is something right?!? I’m planning on writing a little at the beginning of the month, but then it’s my niece’s birthday, then Easter, and then my sister is coming home from uni so…haha, it’s not a month conducive to writing. 😂 We’ll see how it goes.
    (Also I forgot about April Fools.😳 I hate that day oh my god.)

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    1. My plan for the total ridiculous-ness that should be banned that is commonly known as “April Fool’s Day” is to literally hide in my house all day. White Fang had better realize that if he tries to prank me he will be grounded until The Actual End of Time.

      Yeah, April is a bad month for NaNo anything! I really wish I hadn’t committed to anything over 5K! But now I am in a cabin, and I want to be nice to the people being nice to me and… So we’ll just see how it goes.

      Also I haven’t even released Volume 1 yet, so in a way it’s like, huh, why are you even stressing about working on Volume 2…? But I know that if I don’t keep the momentum going, it will be 2018 and I’ll be like, “Why haven’t I written a single word since publishing the first instalment…?”



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