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Now Officially Out: Volume 1: Masters and Beginners


I have a launch team releasing details as well. The feels of this moment…well, the feels and Vulcan genes do not always mix well, so… Words will most likely fail me. Except for the ones I’ve prepared ahead of time.

Title: Masters and Beginners (Volume 1 of The Order of the Twelve Tribes)

Author: Daley Downing

Genres: YA, fantasy, contemporary

Pages: 193

Notes: 1st in a series of 6

Summary: When Sophie Driscoll’s grandmother dies, her parents take over running the Annex, a warehouse facility that stores magical artifacts and documents proving, and protecting, the existence of faeries. Sophie and her brothers, Flynn and Cal, happily adjust to a new house, new friends, and a new way of living, joining the ranks of generations who have kept the fey and mortal realms separate for centuries. Before the first month of their new life is over, they’ll encounter romance, elves, talking cats, ancient secrets, and potentially lethal danger. What could possibly go wrong…


The Driscolls hadn’t always lived in Rylen, Ohio. Kate had grown up here; but when she was 18, she went to England to study abroad (just as her little sister later would), and there she met a very nice young man called James; the short version was that they got married and started a family, and stayed in southeast Britain for several years.

            When Sophie was 9 years old, her family moved from Brighton and Hove, back to Rylen, Ohio. They moved into the newest development in the small town, Mercantile Manor, so called after the butchers and bakers and candlestick makers that used to run their businesses in the former colonial village.

James was a history teacher for the local schools, while Kate worked from home and taught their kids. After a couple of years, though, the Driscoll siblings decided they wanted to go to “regular school,” like the other kids in their ballet/music/art/swimming lessons.

But sticking to that decision was becoming more and more challenging. The fact that they weren’t like other people, that their family was different – even if they didn’t want this to be true – wasn’t going away.

            Gramie Sheridan’s passing meant they couldn’t ignore it anymore. Her death had set their destiny into motion.


Sophie: “What about Gwen? Will she be all right?”

Alex: “She’ll be fine. We just need to get out of here. My wings are about to pop.”

Sophie (to herself): Did he just say wings? He said wings.

Flynn: “You about ready, sis?”

Sophie: “Are you? Don’t you want to change before we leave for the church?”

Flynn: “Nah. God won’t care that I showed up in khakis.”

How to obtain a copy of Masters and Beginners:

Contact me:

Just the book: $15

Subscription box (limited quantity): $25

I will be hosting 2 giveaways in May – one North America only, one international only.


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  1. I got my special package last night! Thank you so much. I will be reading your book soon. Doesn’t that sound great…”YOUR book”. I’m so excited for you.

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