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The Indistinct Howls and Grumbling Edition


Seriously, this is what you people most want to read about? Well, I guess I asked for it when I included it as an option in the latest Twitter poll… But, sigh… And, well, I suppose this post is off to a good start.

Here’s what I’ve been grumbling about lately:

Muffin has been bingeing Dreamworks movies, particularly How to Train Your Dragon and the Ice Age series. He is presently obsessed with dragons. (I can hear some of you applauding his good taste.) I love dragons, too, and Ice Age. But every once in a while, it would be really nice for him to stop interchanging the discs at a nearly frantic pace, and watch something else for a little bit, maybe…

My writer’s playlist has run dry, feels hackneyed, and my ears are tired of it. Not that I’m never going to listen to any of these songs again. It’s just that, right now, I want something different, and I’m rather finnicky when it comes to selecting stuff like music…

I can’t seem to finish my tea while it’s still hot. It used to be mostly because of children, but nowadays it appears to have become its own thing. Groan…


Work is progressing on Volume 2. Some of that results in lots of mumblings and complaints to self and the occasional howl…

I’m practically stalking my Goodreads page, hoping for amazing stats on Volume 1. It is being well-received, and there are some impending reviews which I know are going to be good. More than 170 people have entered my Goodreads giveaway (which ends Wednesday), and for a debut author, this is truly incredible. I guess I’m a little worried about this planing off, though, and that definitely results in howling…

I’ve hit a reading slump. I’ve knocked everything new off my TBR, except for Dawn of the Clans, which I don’t feel like starting right now. None of the new releases this spring are grabbing my attention, and this is generating a vaguely unsettling feeling…

The season finale of Riverdale was last week. This is now one of the only TV shows I regularly watch. Honestly, I don’t mind having to wait for the new season, I’m not 12. But the realization hit me that by October, by the time all the new episodes will be premiering, a whole lot will most likely be different in my life…


Muffin will be starting preschool by the fall, if not before. While this is all good, because he’ll be able to receive all his services in one place, and I’ll certainly have more time to write, or even think about going back to teaching dance, it still means a big upheaval in our daily lives. That creates howling for a bunch of reasons…

As I think about the future, the fact that White Fang will be in high school in September is also not far from my mind. WHAT. HOW. DID. THIS. HAPPEN. I swear he was Muffin’s age just last month. Okay, it was more than 10 years ago. I am old. More than that, I just… How did he become so much his own person, who has this mind and personality and life that I’m learning about as we go — rather than being the expert on my small child? Because he grew up and discovered who he is and what he’s into, that’s why — and isn’t that what I tried so hard for over a decade to achieve? Insert wolf impression here…

My husband finally started reading Volume 1. Yes, it is among the great ironic moments of my life that some of the last people to read my first release are my immediate family. But the reason this is so momentuous for me is because my husband does not read fantasy or speculative fiction at all. (He once picked up a Frank Peretti novel circa 1995, and never finished it.) I’ve had to explain to him what a TARDIS is, that “faery” is a correct spelling, and the significance of Shroedinger’s Cat. He is so not a geek. Anyway, the fact that he got through the Prologue of Volume 1 and said, “This is really good!”, has intense personal meaning.



There are also some big personal things happening for a few people I know, and this gets to me, because I want to be able to help, and in some instances, I just can’t. Either I don’t live close enough, or it’s not my place to step in, and there’s really not much I can do other than stand back and watch developments unfold. I am a do-er, I like to participate in situations resolving, and know that it’s all going well. Especially when it concerns people I care about. So this is a tough bit.


Anyone have time to post a glowing review of Volume 1 to make me feel better?



5 thoughts on “The Indistinct Howls and Grumbling Edition”

  1. Eeep, I’m not even a mother but watching my smol nieces grow up is not okay sometimes. 😭 Especially when my 2yo niece walks up to me this morning and is like “I like your shoes.” THE PERFECT MOST SWEETEST COMPLIMENT EVER OMG.

    And I feel for you with the coming upheaval. Definitely cause for howls. 😫

    (Also I watch Riverdale too! I haven’t gone very far because I’m trying to read every book in my library in, erm, 2 weeks [it’s going badly] but I do like the characters. 😍 I have a nephew named Archie though, so that’s weird. 😂)

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    1. Honestly, I had no reason to want to watch Riverdale – never read the comics, didn’t know anything about most of the characters – and the only thing I knew about the comics ahead of time was that they seemed to portray a very “backwards, too-perfect, stuck in a time warp” view of America (circa 1950s, la la land to the extreme). I watched the first episode out of pure boredom (literally, it was Muffin’s nap time and the chores were done, and I was like, “hmm, what the heck can I do with myself for an hour?”). I really LOVE what they’ve done with the show – they’ve modernized it, added diversity, made it much more realistic, and the cast (the adults, too) is downright perfection. I totally *adore* seeing former child/teen stars playing the parents that are trying to have their kids not repeat the mistakes of their pasts – it’s such a powerful social commentary, not just on the entertainment industry, but on where this country is, as a whole, right now. And the plot itself is dark and edgy and definitely keeps you guessing! I won’t spill any spoilers, but by the season finale I was totally hooked, and while there was some stuff I guessed, there was still plenty that surprised me!


  2. haha I can really relate to writing playlists getting old- I end up listening to *really* random stuff because of that. And I actually use my family as writing guinea pigs 😉 (even if they don’t like the genre- although I couldn’t/wouldn’t get any of them to read a particularly graphic novella- they’re all too squeamish) but that’s so sweet that your husband is enjoying it even if he doesn’t enjoy the genre!

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