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Currently I Am…


…thinking that I’ve never done one of these, and it would be a good way to catch up.

busy, which is why you haven’t heard much from me this week.

…wondering when Muffin is going to get over his obsession with watching the same 3 movies over and over and over again.

So, here’s a brief summary of my life at the moment:

Between the holiday and a family illness, my whole schedule was thrown off.

Muffin has been insisting on not napping, and waking up by 6 a.m.

He will be turning 3 tomorrow, and I have no cake mix, no presents, and no plan.

I’m trying to find just the right song lyrics to complete the “moods” of my outlining for the rest of The Order of the Twelve Tribes (yes, through Volume 4), and my brain has decided to make this sound — kersplush.

Oh, and the library called, and they actually need to borrow the DVD I just checked out for an afterschool club today.


More details on writing:

I am working on Volume 2. My goal is to complete the revised draft (because the initial draft was the biggest hot mess) by the end of July’s Camp NaNo. (I was shocked to see a message from NaNo about July, but then I realized, hey, maybe that will give me a better framework for getting these shenigans together.)

I’ve also concretely chosen to make the “canon” — the major story, focusing on Sophie and her family as the protagonists — only Volumes 1-4. Then I will compile short stories, novellas, field guides and the like (of all the other ideas I have for ways to explore this world/the secondary characters/their history) into two sets of “Chronicles” or…eh, yeah, I got nothing else right now. But you get the idea.


I just finished (at White Fang’s insistence) The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles DeLint. I have mixed feelings… If you follow me on Goodreads, you can find my thoughts on it in my “read” shelves or my updates.

I’m struggling through Dawn of the Clans (Warriors). Book 3 nearly killed me, folks. So I’m taking a break and hoping to finish Apprentice Cat by Virginia Ripple.

Image result for the invisible moth


As I mentioned above, Muffin will be 3 tomorrow, and I can’t decide between pooling into a puddle of tears or dashing around keeping busy to deal with it. (Someone please give me a better plan?!)

White Fang has about 3 more weeks of school, and once he finishes his exams, he will be headed to film-making camp. Then, much later, in September, he will…be…in…high school.

Tears? Dashing? Caffeine? Chocolate? Coping ideas, please, moths!


Right now, plans for childcare are first and foremost, and Muffin is still in between, since we’re waiting on the official acceptance for his special needs preschool program. He’s on the waiting list, so we won’t get a definite start date for a bit yet. (We’ve worked so hard to get him to this point, so any and all prayers on that front would be greatly appreciated!)

We might actually look at a couple of day trips in the area once we nail down what the kids will be doing and when.

Image result for the invisible moth


As previously mentioned, I am on the hunt for the perfect lyrics to complete my chapter outlines for Volumes 2, 3, and 4. For those of you who have read Volume 1, you’ll have noticed that at the beginning of each chapter, I quoted the lyrics of a song that has made an impact on my writing. Either because it was on my playlist during the writing/editing process, or it has stamped itself on my creative consciousness in terms of its poetry/meanings/muses.

Recently I’ve discovered Lord Huron, and stumbled across some totally awesome Minecraft parodies of Top 40 pop tunes. Also, while searching (rather literally) for some more obscure songs, I remembered some really great singles from my slightly checkered past. (Hey, you can still respect the coolness of the music without engaging in the less beneficial behaviors and attitudes.)

Other Things:

Who knows yet? Maybe I’ll be successful in dislodging myself from this bubble of The Cure’s glory days. Is that housework I see just over the horizon? Bah…

Image result for current mood


5 thoughts on “Currently I Am…”

  1. Whoa! Sounds like thy plate runneth over and thy cup too! 🙂

    Well, I just wanted to let you know that it’s always good to hear from you and keep working on the novel. I finished Masters and Beginners V. 1, and I’m going to write a review on Goodreads. Okay? I really enjoyed the novel–very much. I hope the birthday party turns out okay! 🙂

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