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Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Things That Make No Sense

Open magic book with the light. Eps 10

Warning: This will be a whiny post.

1. Putting stickers on covers that don’t easily peel off. This is a minor annoyance to most of the world who enjoys the text between the covers much more than anything else. However, to the devoted book dragon, we know that this is a smear on the art that is the cover of the book. Artists put time and effort and money into making the covers. So the least the stores can do is put on stickers that won’t wreck the art. (Yes, I mean that.)

2. Making sequels a different size than the original. Again, to the general public, this isn’t a big deal. They’ll determine that there was a reason at the printing press why this decision was made, and leave it at that. They may even simply turn the book on its spine (gasp!! the horror!!) to make sure it fits onto their shelf. But, for book dragons, doing this is just asking to make us cry. (Listen up, publishers…)

3. Comparing new titles to older, unrelated publications. “…for fans of The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner!” “…the next Harry Potter…” “…if you loved The Lunar Chronicles…” We’ve all seen these claims. It’s nauseating. Sorry, folks, but it is anymore.


4. Changing covers based on the country of printing. Whyyyy?? Especially when I don’t like the covers printed in my own country?!

5. Summaries on the jacket/back cover that don’t actually describe that story. Haven’t we all finished reading a book and thought, “Well, that wasn’t quite what I expected”? And we do have to wonder what was going on when whoever at the publisher wrote that blurb. Maybe they confused that title with another they’d just completed proofreading?

6. Summaries that give too much away. If I intend to read through the whole story in order to find out what happens at the end, then I don’t need the inside cover spilling the beans before I’ve even hit page 1.


7. When bookshelves aren’t adjustable. You know how those bookcases are sold in kits, where you can assemble them yourself and determine how high each shelf should be? This is brilliant and perfect, because not all books are the same size. Any company that makes non-adjustable bookcases need book dragons to storm their HR department with a list of demands, er, design improvements.

8. When book merch is unaffordable. I am not sorry for the fact that I simply can’t afford tote bags with quotes, or mugs with character silhouettes. Would I like to own some of these things? Oh, yes. But unless stores drop their prices to something less than my grocery budget for the month, I will remain without.

9. The pricing of books. This is why I get so many new releases from the library. Since spare money is so hard to come by in my life, the thought of wasting it on a title I might not like really sticks in my craw. Aren’t we supposed to be encouraging literacy and learning — and yet, I regularly pass by the new hardcovers in Walmart for $25 and $30. These messages do not jam.

10. American-izing the Queen’s English. When a story is written by a British, Australian, Canadian or South African author, and they write it in their native dialect, leave it that way when you export it to other nations, publishers. Quit encouraging American readers to think that the whole world speaks the way you do. It’s not promoting education or tolerance, and it’s infuriating. (Sorry, but not sorry, there it is.)

Congratulations on making it to the end of the whine! Less mardy next time, I promise!




10 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Things That Make No Sense”

  1. Ugh I feel that sticker thing in my soul. For the past two summers I worked in a used book warehouse and every day we’d ship books out to people. Because the books were used, a lot of them had stickers and it was my job to remove them and that was the worst. Rarely did a sticker come off easily meaning I’d almost always have to sit there, carefully working at it with my little peeling tool, praying that I didn’t rip the cover or scrape it or wrinkle it. Granted, most stickers came off fine and with a little Goo-gone, you’d never tell anything was ever there, but there were some stickers that were so bad and so hard to remove, it took forever and usually resulted in the book’s price getting marked down because it was so damaged from the heat gun or from scrapes.

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  2. Ahh yes I *hate* stickers on books!!! They just destroy the book. And I don’t get why anyone does that, because usually people are so careful to not ruin the product in shops by having things like easily removable tags- but for some reason books can just be ruined with stickers!! And yes I hate irrelevant blurbs- sometimes it can actually ruin a book for me because it creates expectations that just aren’t fulfilled!! And yes, spoilers on the blurb are not ok!! And yes, books are getting ridiculously unaffordable :/ And yeah, I don’t know why certain things are changed- I don’t mind reading American books with American words in it, so it surprises me so much that people actually go to the effort of changing, say, the word “bin” to “trash can” (I actually heard they did this in Harry Potter- but really the real crime there was changing “Philosopher’s stone” to “Sorcerer’s stone”)

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    1. Changing the language is one of my pet peeves. I’ve decided I’m going to order UK-only editions of Harry Potter for Muffin (although it will be a little harder for me to obtain), because, yes, they did change plenty of stuff they shouldn’t have, and it affects the authenticity of the story.

      Spoiler/misleading blurbs have led to unsatisfying reading experiences for me, too! I actually never did put a blurb on Vol 1 (as you saw), just on Goodreads, for people who would have no idea of the premise (if they don’t read any of my posts). But before I went to print, I just couldn’t decide what to put, and I did NOT want to accidentally ruin it for my readers!

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      1. Ahh yes I agree- that’s a really good idea- I think it does effect the story in that case, especially as a lot of it is grounded in the UK and also it doesn’t make sense for the story to not call it the philosopher’s stone (also serves as a good history lesson if you care to look it up- which I did as a teen)
        Yes!!! Ahh I totally get that!!

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  3. I so relate to the first 5! The covers thing is really odd to me… some of them are so unattractive… And blurbs that tell me the plot until midway through the book, make the book soooo boring! *peeved* Comparing books is totally useless to me and I pretty much ignore them as they are normally lies! Such a cute post!


  4. “Editing the Australianisms” — exactly! Or the Britishisms, or whatever it is. It’s all part of the “we want everyone else to be more tolerant, but we don’t need to be tolerant ourselves” mentality. It really ticks me off, too, because it actually does increase cultural ignorance, and if an American went to live in, say, France or Germany or Japan, they’d totally be expected to follow the cultural norms! So why the double standard? They really need to leave things like that alone.

    Yeah, I ended up charging a little more than I really wanted to for my book, but I found out that shipping costs would rob me blind if I didn’t. 😛 And as you said, we are trying to make a living here! The thing that really irks me about brick and mortar stores — and even some online sites — is that the author probably only sees about 20% of what the stores get for selling their publications! It was another reason I decided to do all my marketing myself. Even if I have to spend some of my profit on shipping or items for the boxes, etc., the *full* amount of the sales goes straight to me, and I choose what to do with it.

    NO MORE STICKERS. Can we sign petitions for Target and Walmart? These are very heinous committers of this crime.


  5. Love this post!! So many of these things irk me, especially the cover stickers and the different sizes. There’s one series I own where the books are three different heights/depths, even though they all have matching covers, and it irritates me no end. I also completely agree with number 5, though would add that I dislike it even more when they don’t include a blurb at all, just glowing quotes from reviewers, so I have no clue as to what the book is about.

    With number 4 though I kind of like it because it means you get a choice of covers and can buy/shelve/display your favourite (though ideally, every version would just have my favourite on it! 🙂 ). That said, I live in Germany, so I have access to a variety of imported English editions and can sometimes choose which to buy depending on the cover I like. Maybe elsewhere you only get one choice.


    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, we tend to have a major problem when it comes to imported books, where there will only be one version of the cover available in American stores. Even if we order from a website, the nearest shipping department to you will probably only have the designated “American” cover to send you! It’s really irritating when I like the other covers better!

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