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Half-Year Wrap-up

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Okay, back at the beginning of this year (*sobbing over not yet developing the Time Lord gene that allows me to slow down the passage of months*), my plan was to post a wrap-up every 4 weeks, summarizing the past 30 days. In no way, shape or form did that come to fruition. (Hmmm, actually, maybe I squeezed out one — in the recent re-design of my layout, some things got shifted, moved, maybe cancelled…?!)

All right, trying again: So I’ve elected instead to attempt a half-year wrap-up. (Then I don’t have to worry about doing it again until December…)

Also, lately we have some new faces around here *waves* *thank you!*, so this could be a good way to catch up, too.

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JANUARY: It was my second blogiversary! I have now officially been blogging for well over two years!

FEBRUARY: White Fang (my oldest son) turned 14 on the 15th. He’s an accomplished YouTuber, and does well in school, and is famous in our community for having read almost every single publication in the Warriors series. (It’s where his screen name comes from.) His current obsession, er, hobby is Minecraft. For those of you who may not know, he’s on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum, and I do still remember when he was a little baby.

MARCH: This month passed in pretty much a haze of storms, specialist meetings for Muffin, and preparing for my printing and official launch of Volume 1.

APRIL: April was a big stinking deal around here. On April 21st was the official release of Masters and Beginners (Volume 1 of the Order of the Twelve Tribes). It’s the first novel in my YA contemporary fantasy series (say that 3 times fast), and so far it’s receiving rave reviews in the blogisphere and on Goodreads. I am immensely pleased with this.

(If you’re interested in obtaining your own copy — paperback or digital — of Volume 1, see the blatant advertisement in my heading or sidebar.)

I participated in Camp NaNo for the first time. I reached my target word count, but the end result sucked (in my very biased, first-person-author view). Well, at least I know now what I don’t want to do with Volume 2… My revisions are so far going pretty well, and my plan for the future is to make July’s Camp NaNo Volume 2 Attempt 2.0. (Does any of that make sense?)

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MAY: May kind of blew by for me, as I had more meetings for Muffin, lots of editing to consider, TBR-trimming to do, and little things to arrange for White Fang before the end of the school year arrived.

JUNE: Last night was White Fang’s final chorus concert of the year. He starts final exams next week. Soon he will be finishing middle school. (Insert parental wailing here.)

Muffin turned 3 on the 3rd. He is a busy little guy. For several months now he’s been receiving speech therapy, and on his 4th or so round of physical therapy. By September, he’ll be enrolled in a preschool program for special needs children.

At present, he is obsessed with How to Train Your Dragon and dinosaurs.

And there we have it! Hope you’re all having a pleasant spring, moths!

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3 thoughts on “Half-Year Wrap-up”

  1. Eeep, such a lovely wrap up! AND SO MUCH BUSYNESS. I’m so so excited for you about all these rave reviews for your book!! I’m so keen to get started on it soon. 😊💕 And yes how is it June omg I’m not even ready for this yet.😭😂

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