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Some Announcements, Summer “Plans” and Foreseen Issues (Which May Cause Howls and Grumblings)

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Okay, okay, I promise to try to reign in the long post titles for a while.

So, my apologies for not being around much the last few days — I’m on the downside of a cold (that hit me much harder than anticipated), White Fang is officially in his last full week of school for the year, and Muffin is…well, being Muffin. (The other day, while I was trying to rest — because I couldn’t breathe or walk faster than a turtle — there was an incident with a misbehaving toddler and baby powder. It was not pretty. And it did wonders for my stress level, of course.)

Anyway, so along with being busy, and sick, and knowing that while the sickness won’t last (thankfully), I am very aware that my schedule over the next couple of weeks isn’t calming down just yet.

Also I am seriously trying to finish my draft of Volume 2, and that of course takes time and effort, and ideally the rest of the world just going away for a little bit.

So, if I don’t make regular appearances here for the short-term future, all of this shall be why.

As of now, White Fang is slotted for a camp in July (and we have yet to obtain summer clothing that fits — thanks, growth spurt). We’re still waiting to hear about an actual start date for Muffin at preschool. Otherwise we’re not expecting to go anywhere (though that would be nice, as we haven’t had a formal vacation in quite a while).

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Whining aside, still more extremely positive reviews on Masters and Beginners: Volume 1 are popping up, and I am very excited and humbled. If you haven’t yet obtained your copy, remember, there are still subscription boxes available (which means free gifts), and I do have an ebook (download-able to various sorts of computers, tablets, etc.), which at the moment comes with my short story collection at no extra charge. Do see my heading or sidebar for my contact information, so we can discuss paying and shipping or email and all the things related to this notion.

Okay, I am really bad at the self-promotion. Many, many thanks to all who have so far read and enjoyed Volume 1 and are encouraging others to follow their lead.

I am also planning to participate in Camp NaNo in July — whether this shall actually happen remains to be seen.

And eventually I will conquer my summer TBR. It’s been intensely shortened, to make it muchly realistic for my life.

Especially since, once fall approacheth, there shall be major shakeups headed my way.

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Enough on that right now. I am going to have two months in between. Remember that, Moth…

And so, not that it’s really exciting, I proceed to start catching up on neglected chores and tasks that must be fulfilled, regardless of the state of my health…

May your summers be wonderfully glorious and blessed with seashells and windchimes and cloud-free skies.

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3 thoughts on “Some Announcements, Summer “Plans” and Foreseen Issues (Which May Cause Howls and Grumblings)”

  1. Aw I’m sad you are sick. *sends warm soups* But I don’t think you need to apologise to us!! Take care of yourself. ❤ And good luck with the finishing off Vol #2! I'm just about to embark on my final read-through before I send my book off to some betas and … just freaking out a little. 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m just getting a little tired of the rest of the world not stopping, meaning I can’t just stop doing everything and get better faster. 😛 Children, eh?

      Which book?


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