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Travel Bucket List

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G’day, all! (Sorry, I just had to.) Today I’m discussing something a little out of the ordinary (but I’ll soon tie it in to one of my favorite subjects, just wait and see). I don’t necessarily have a bucket list — in fact, I’m a bit opposed to the idea in general (not entirely, but it falls under my view of “stop categorizing everything, people, just go out and do things”). But there are certain places I would like to visit before my time on Earth is up, and here they are — in no particular order, by the way (except in which they came to my brain while searching Google images).


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Ever since I was small, I have had a fascination with this country (honestly, no idea where it came from). It’s interesting, because a lot of this continent is desert, which scares me, as it’s filled with snakes and big bugs and bunyips (and do I actually know what a bunyip is — of course not — but that doesn’t stop my potential to be afraid of it). But there are some truly wonderful things about the beaches and forests and mountains (don’t forget the wombats!) of Australia as well, and that overrides my scaredy-cat tendencies. Maybe I’d even be lucky enough to spot a Tasmanian tiger (it turns out they may not be extinct, after all!).


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Why do I want to go to New Zealand? It is Middle Earth. Therefore, I need no other reason.

And even if I can’t actually find any hobbits or Ents near Wellington or Auckland, I don’t think I care. It is an absolutely beautiful island nation, and I truly can’t believe I didn’t know this until The Fellowship of the Ring was released.

(See, I told you I’d tie fantasy fiction into this post somehow.)


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“But, wait,” those of you who have been around here a while might be saying, “didn’t you live in England?” Why, yes, I did, for 4 years. And this is precisely why I must go back as soon as possible, to explore all the places I didn’t get a chance to before — the Scottish Highlands, the beaches of Cornwall, the woods that were home to Robin Hood (you shush, yes, they were).

And also Wales, because that’s where they film parts of Doctor Who and Sherlock. (Yes, these are completely valid reasons to add more destinations to my itinerary.)


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Iceland is just amazing. The volcanoes and mountains, the incredible and dangerous natural beauty. I’m not a huge fan of the intense snow and cold, though, so this would be one on the summer travel schedule.


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For years and years, I’ve wanted to visit Seattle and Portland and the surrounding areas. Not that I’m much for big cities, but I’m in such awe of the gorgeous landscapes around these ones. While I don’t hike, and may not ever summon the courage to reach the top of the Space Needle, I am a big fan of seafood, so I’d probably manage to cope with the crowds at Pike Place Fish Market. (But no Bigfoot hunting for me, please.)




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