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The Order of the Twelve Tribes Cover Design Contest!


Hello all! Starting today, I am opening the contest to design my new covers for the reprint of Volume 1, and then the releases of Volumes 2, 3, and 4!

This contest is open to submissions from graphic artists, painters, photographers — basically any sort of illustrator. I’m afraid I can’t guarantee payment (except in the form of free books), so I’m looking for volunteers interested in supporting my writing and sharing their art.

Here is the present cover (from the first edition). Whoever wins the contest will receive a paperback copy to get the full scope.

As you can tell, fans have been excited about me using my real life muse (his name is Toby), and I would like to maintain his presence in some capacity throughout the series covers.

(If you’d like to request pictures of my cat to work from, you may do so via email.)

Otherwise I am open to suggestions on font, type size, letter arrangement, and such.

Featured Image -- 19869

So create some ideas for a redesign, and pass them my way! (My contact info is in the top menu or the sidebar. Just put “cover design contest” in the subject heading.)

Submissions are open until August 15th.

Happy art-ing, moths!



5 thoughts on “The Order of the Twelve Tribes Cover Design Contest!”

  1. Ooh this is exciting!! πŸ˜€ My little Society6-designer-brain is whirring but I’m not sure that’d be the style you’d be after. πŸ˜‚


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