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Hello, Yes, It’s Me

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So, I have recently discovered this little anime black kitty theme (I have no idea what series or movie he/she may be from/based on — my anime knowledge is intensely limited). Anyway, I really hope you all love seeing these pictures (as much as I do) throughout this post.

On to the real business of things — hello! Yes, I am alive! *The Invisible Moth struggles out from under her piles of notes and books and children’s laundry. Her hair will be a mess, and she will no longer remember her actual name. That’s okay, she can have her readers vote on a new one.*

So, as some of you are aware, the rest of this month turned into getting Volume 2 ready for beta-readers. At first, I wasn’t even going to do the beta stage; just read through the edits once more myself and prepare for formatting, pre-publishing-stage. Then I began to have this sinking feeling about it… Whether it’s actually ready or not, I’m truly unsure anymore.

Hence my plans changed — I am going with betas, and I will worship the ground they walk on as they reveal my author’s flaws to me  ahem, I mean, I will be very, very grateful for their feedback in this process. There has been such positive reception of Masters and Beginners, I really want to keep the momentum going for the series (my BABY, after all), and not make some lame choice that sends my readers into fits, yelling, “What are you doing?!”

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Also, during this time of self-imposed restricted posting, I’ve discovered something — I’m spreading myself too thin with attempting to cover 5 or 6 topics in one blog. My brain is beginning to slightly resemble jello as it is, and this is increased (really wibbly-wobbly jello) by trying to remember things like: When was the last time I posted on education? 17 ways to organize your teenager’s closet? How to survive the week with a toddler? What to do when your family insists on watching stupid boat wrecks on YouTube when you need to get that chapter finished?

It is becoming a little too much, my friends.

Therefore I have elected to narrow down the topics I cover on this blog. Maybe one day (like after my children are grown and leave home) I’ll start a separate space for covering educational and intellectual disability issues, child-rearing, the best method for bathing your cat, and the like.

But these days, The Invisible Moth needs to be a space more dedicated to reading, writing, and related subjects I’ve been wanting to start discussing — like the creative arts of movies and music (and sometime I really should talk about dance more). I have enough going on in my life at the moment; attempting to complicate it even further probably isn’t a wise notion.

Image result for anime cat

So, this new course of action makes sense.

I am aware that some of you would probably be happy if I posted my grocery list occasionally (honestly? hopefully not). Anyway, you have been so supportive, and I greatly appreciate it. *inserts some cute animal hugging you and showering you with flower petals* Really, I do.

The other thing I’m considering is — imposing more of these posting restrictions, especially around very busy times, like the start of the new school year, or the holidays. I won’t lie — I’m one of those bloggers who gets a little panicky if the stats begin to drop because I haven’t posted in 64 hours. And as much as social media grates on my nerves sometimes, I have met some truly wonderful people through Twitter and Goodreads, so I won’t be abandoning my platforms there any day soon.

But there are weeks when I just…need a break from all of that. I need to not care what the hashtag means, what the thread is, or who posted that nasty comment about a book I loved. And as much as I love reading what others post, too, I simply don’t have the energy in certain seasons to spend a lot of time on blogs that aren’t mine.

Having more days when I just don’t obsess about all this stuff will hopefully make my head a little clearer.

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am debating starting up a Wattpad account, though! A lot of indie or future authors are finding this a very good place to share their work and build a reader base. It’s free, so I wouldn’t get paid, but that’s what switching publishers is for. Increasing my “fan” base (wow, it still feels strange to use that word), for free to the future minions  er, new potential readers would most likely be valuable to them. (If they like what they see, they may be inclined to actually spend money on me. Hey, wait, they know I’m saying this…)

(Drat, now my secret plan is out…)

Anyway, I am extremely grateful to all of you for still being here, and hopefully this next stage of the journey will be great for all of us!

Image result for anime cat

6 thoughts on “Hello, Yes, It’s Me”

    Sorry, I'm easily distractable. Ahem.
    I'm glad you're allowing yourself a bit of downtime from the internet! I do love reading your posts. 😀 And I've never gotten into Wattpad because I am HORRIBLE at reading things slowly and keeping up with them. *guilty look* But that does sound like it might be helpful to build a fanbase! Good luck on that! 🙂 Really excited for Volume 2, and I know you're not messing it up, darling. I'm sure it will be GREAT. ^_^


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