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My Reading/Writing/Blogging Wishlist

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So, there are a few things getting me down these days, but in the interest of not being too terribly whingey lately, I’ll be going for a humorous twist (hopefully) in this post.

Among the complex little things in my life at the moment, I will soon be another year older. I do not like this, Sam, I do not like it here nor there, I do not like it anywhere. Time seems to be escaping from me in recent months, and this is a great kerfuffle of not-niceness. Grrr…

Anyway, one of the upsides of this situation is that people sometimes give you things, yes? So, since this little corner of the internet contains a lot of what I would like these days, here are some lovely little bits and bobs I might wish to have brought into my life via the annual-celebration-of-existence gifting.

Goodreads, could you please give us half-stars for ratings, and make my author dashboard easier to navigate? The half-stars thing is a big deal for a lot of us (I wonder if the higher-ups at Goodreads actually pay attention?). You know, for those books that aren’t quite 4 stars, definitely not only 2, and you want to accurately express your views. BUT.

As far as my author dashboard, I find some of the stats redundant or confusing. Could we get that altered a little, please? Like, instead of listing the reviews of my book twice, why not simply once? And why do you include my personal/reading profile stats in with my professional/writing numbers? *squints at screen and still cannot* Maybe I’m being a bit thick, but I honestly think to separate this stuff would make life less troubling.

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Authors, can we please get more fantasy novels with accurate autism rep? Now, I’m aware that many authors are not well-informed on this subject, and some of them are not ever going to even be considering writing autistic characters. And this does not bother me in the slightest. What grates on me is that what little autism rep we do have seems to be terribly inconsistent — and in some ways, actually inaccurate and rather harmful to increasing public awareness and understanding. (After all, if people told you a rhinocerous was a unicorn, or vice versa, without offering any possible countering information, would you ever learn the truth unless you did some serious independent research?) Hence, if authors present an inaccurate portrayal of autism (or any other learning disorder/neurological condition), most people will, sadly, be none the wiser.

All right, didn’t I promise less moaning this post? Anyway, in my series, The Order of the Twelve Tribes, I have in fact two autistic characters — and they are both based on myself and my oldest son, and we are both on the spectrum. It’s the same as how I observed my cat, Toby, before trying to write scenes including Jules and Sammy (the talking cats). So, some more realistic depictions would be awesome, thanks, folks in the know.

WordPress, maybe you’d like to advertise my blog for free for the day? I’m aware that it’s summer, and lots of people are on vacation and not doing things like blog-hopping; but my stats are rather down, and I’m a tad sad about this. I’m also aware that it is most likely temporary. BUT. Imagine if on your birthday, WordPress spammed people with really gushing accolades about your blog, and then within 24 hours you’d have like a dozen new subscribers? Wouldn’t that be cool?

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My family, you know I love you, but please allot me approximately 10 writing hours per week — every week. That means time when I am not interrupted — you need to be able to find your own snack/glasses/answer to your existential crisis. So that I can write in peace and quiet (and have half a chance of it coming out coherent the first time).

Stores in my area, wouldn’t you like my money? And I will give it to you if you sell more of the type of pens and notebooks I use.

Wow, still a lot of whiiine…

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How about people find a way to have my presents delivered via cat? I actually have that in Volume 2. That sounds fun.

And I can get a bunch of cool works by indie authors I’ve been hearing so much about. That’s my most realistic goal for this year, anyway.

Ooh, and lots of people buy Volume 1. Yes, that would indeed make me happy. Of course, being closer to having my official re-launch going would be fantastic, too. Maybe there’s an editing fairy that can help me with the last-minute changes I found (and cast a charm that eases the crying)?

Gah! Enough mardiness! What would your wishlist be, moths?

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7 thoughts on “My Reading/Writing/Blogging Wishlist”

  1. I can definitely relate to much of this post! :-). The one issue that is an exact replicate is the “hours for writing.” I get up at four each morning to write. I do nothing else…well except make coffee…but write. It’s quiet. It’s nice. It’s a perfect time for me. Well, last month my wife, whom I love more than ever, started getting up at four and coming into the study–we share “the study.” It’s a small spare bedroom now a computer room with a wall of my books. I built a long table upon which sits two wonderful apple computers. Hers is on the left; mine is on the right. The computer table is situated between two windows. So, my wife gets up and sits down at her computer whilst I’m working on my novel.

    Work stops.

    A few mornings later we had “the talk.” I explained as best I could how I really needed to be alone while writing. Alone and totally quiet and peaceful and, did I mention alone? Well, after a really interesting discussion of the creative mode of expression, she agreed. Whew! I think it’s tough for family to understand this need we have to garner a few hours in the day to sit and write without fear of interruption. It does seem suspect I suppose. I don’t know. But anyway, happy writing to you dear Daley!

    Great post–and hey, sometimes you just gotta what you gotta say! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I loooooove this wishlist and am 1000% there for the goodreads upgrades. But also come now, Daley, don’t be unrealistic. Your family surely can’t get THEMSELVES SNACKS so you can write. 😂 I mean, Muffin gets a pardon hhaha. But this week I was writing and my dog literally tried to sit on my head….because apparently he can’t entertain himself for a few days. Ahem.

    Also I can’t wait for Vol #2. 😭❤️❤️ Accurate ASD rep is so hard to find it pains me. It’s like I didn’t even KNOW it was so bad until recently. I’m watching this new Netflix show called “Atypical” and it’s honestly 70% crap about ASD. But the 30% it gets right is soooo refreshing. (I’ll probably rant to you in my next email.😂)

    My current wishlist probably would include like an OFF SWITCH for my brain. I’m constantly thinking up stories and I need a break haha. Also a pop-up on instagram that reminds me I have a billion books that I could photograph instead of just taking 72 photos per week of my same 3 favourite books.😂😂

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    1. White Fang has no excuse now, he is 14 and he is more than capable of walking to the kitchen of his own accord. 😛 He can also get stuff for Muffin, so I hold both of them responsible. 🙂

      Yeah, I think it could be helpful to have a feature that tracks how many blog posts you’ve written in the last year that covered the same topic or used the same sorts of phrases, too, since heaven knows we can’t be expected to do that, and then WP could help stop us repeating ourselves too much. 🙂


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