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The First Book Club Meeting!


Good morning! Today is the day! We’re discussing Masters and Beginners (Volume 1 of The Order of the Twelve Tribes). As previously mentioned, all you have to do to participate is have read the book, and be willing to answer the following questions in the comments!

What were your favorite parts of the story?

Which characters were you drawn to the most, and why?

Did you identify any particular themes?

Who would you like to see cast as who in the movie version?

The Order is a secret organization stretching back about 3,000 years. What historical figures do you think could have belonged to the Order?

All right, that’s all from my end for now! Looking forward to seeing what you all share! Have a great day, moths!

13 thoughts on “The First Book Club Meeting!”

  1. Yay, bookclub!

    Okay, so, let’s do this. *cracks knuckles* My favorite parts… probably all the Faerie things?? I’m aware the fey-related things were a lot of the book, but pffft, details. 😛

    I really liked Alex… because he’s very cool? *cough* Jules is fabulous too because KITTY SHIFTER. And I love Flynn (and Sophie) and also find Kate and James to be fun. I like them aaall and they’re my preciouses. ^_^

    FAMILY is one of the biggest and best themes in this book, I think. 🙂 I love it. ^_^ Seeing a good, loving family in YA fiction is SO refreshing, so thank you so much for writing it! ❤ I feel like there are probably others…

    I don't know enough actors. o.o I already see each of the characters SO VIVIDLY in my mind, just from reading the book, so I don't know if anyone would do them justice? I'm terrible at typecasting people, but I'm now curious who YOU would cast as some of the characters. 😉

    Oh, goodness. Historical figures. My tired brain is drawing a blank. SO many people could be though, and we wouldn't know! :O Fascinating exercise… I like to think maybe the Founding Fathers were, but now I'm imagining faeries in 1700s times and my brain is getting distracted with plotbunnies… *cough* XD

    I hope you do this bookclub thingy for Volume 2 sometime! 🙂 Fun questions! ^_^

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    1. The correct answer (at least this is as many as I’ve so far identified) for historical figures is: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, Bram Stoker, Florence Nightingale, Queen Elizabeth I, pretty much all the partiarchs of the Bible, yes to Ben Franklin – so you were right on that one! – and Abraham Lincoln (before he was President).

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    2. Oh, and I have a really hard time casting actors in my own work, too! I have mental images of how my characters look, but I honestly can’t say that there are real live people for most of them that I compare them to!

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  2. Ooh bookclub- this is awesome!!

    I would be lying if I didn’t say my favourite thing was the *cats*- I loved how they had proper characters, but also seemed catlike (if that makes sense?) And I adore the faeries and the family aspects were wonderful 🙂

    I feel like family was also one of the themes- it wasn’t just one of those books where the adventure takes centre stage, I felt much more like I was getting to know them through their relationships to each other.

    Oh gosh- I do not follow/know enough actors to be able to answer that question- in my family if someone other than Al Pacino comes up my most likely response will be “who?” so I’ll have to pass on that one.

    Ooh great question of who was in the order- would it be bad if I just picked some of my idols like the Bronte sisters or Churchill? (I actually feel like that could be a possibility for both, but I’m mostly picking them cos they’re awesome!)

    Anyway great post!

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    1. Churchill! Doy! Of course! Otherwise, see above reply for who I’ve so far identified as belonging to the Order in an era gone by. 🙂

      Hmmm…maybe the Brontes! That’s a good idea, too (especially with their love for Gothic lit). Probably Edgar Allan Poe and Lewis Carroll will find their way in there… 🙂

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      1. AHH yes your choices make so much sense! I was thinking maybe a female monarch- but for some reason didn’t come up with Elizabeth I. 🙂

        haha yeah I thought maybe there would be some writers on the list- especially gothic ones- love that you went with Stoker 🙂

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  3. All righty, here are my thoughts on your questions.

    I absolutely loved everything having to do with your world-building. This mythology you’ve developed is one of my favorites in the fantasy genre right now. I’ve honestly never found a book that blends Biblical history with fantasy elements this seamlessly. I also really enjoyed the budding Flynn/Emma and Sophie/Alex romances. I think my favorite part was the climactic showdown with Victor at the end. That was extremely well-written and engaging.

    Sophie was my favorite character because she rebelled against so many tiresome YA heroine tropes. She loves her parents and talks to them about her problems. She handles her relationships responsibly. She doesn’t act like a spoiled brat, or whine about her responsibilities. She’s awesome, period. I also loved Flynn, because I found him extremely relatable as a young male just starting to understand romance and grown-up commitments. He also defies tropes in his gentlemanly conduct, as does Alex.

    The strongest themes I drew from the story were family love and loyalty. I didn’t feel like you were bludgeoning your readers with message fiction relating to any particular theme, but that concept of family was tastefully woven into the background. I found it very inspiring.

    Sophie—man, I can’t think of anyone in the right age group that fits her. If you could somehow magically age down Jordan Hinson (from Eureka) to a young teenager again, that would work really well.
    Flynn—Tom Holland
    Emma—Elle Fanning
    Alex—Gregg Sulkin
    Jules—Gina Torres (unusual choice, perhaps, but for some reason that’s who I see in my head)
    Amelia—Alex Kingston
    Those are all the ones I can come up with actors for off the top of my head. I’d have to think a little harder about the others.

    Historical figures: Okay, these choices are a little out-there, but I thought it would be fun to get creative. 😀
    Beatrix Potter
    P.G. Wodehouse (he often made fun of people who believed in fairies in his books; what if it was because he knew all about them and therefore knew they were getting the details wrong?) XD
    Joan of Arc
    William Shakespeare (Did you already mention him as a member? I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.)
    Mary Queen of Scots, or possibly Lady Jane Grey?

    This book club is an awesome concept! Looking forward to doing it again for Volume 2 as well.

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    1. There is a lot of smiles and hearts and sparkly stars happening around my avatar that can’t be seen on the screen. I am so glad that those of you who enjoy my little series enjoy it so much. (That’s all my Vulcan side can come up with.)

      PG Wodehouse is a good one, because of the irony factor. I’ve never considered Shakespeare, because honestly I think it would be a little too obvious? I want to mention A Midsummer Night’s Dream at some point, and stress that that play was written by a “ghostwriter” (as some of Shakespeare’s plays have been targeted with this theory). Maybe by Christopher Marlowe or somebody less suspected of being in the Order? They had to go kind of underground for a while (about the 13th-18th centuries), so there would’ve been a lot of that sort of thing going on.

      Lady Jane Grey is an interesting thought! Joan of Arc, too — but again, maybe she’s a little too obvious. Look at my above replies for some of the definite members!

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