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Subscription Boxes Deliver Magic

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Important note before I start: None of these images belong to me, and I am in no way trying to claim credit for any official logos or designs from Owl Crate itself.

Everybody who’s any kind of bookworm has heard about book-themed subscription boxes, such as Owl Crate, Illumicrate, Lit Joy, and Fairy Loot. Many of us hold active memberships with one or more of these companies. While the monthly cost can be a bit intimidating for those of us on lower range incomes, when/if you can afford it, ordering one of these boxes is absolutely worth it.

My personal favorite is Owl Crate. Companies that are based overseas are, unfortunately, out of my price range. And not every box is created equal — some of the book selections and/or additional items just won’t float your boat. Doing research before placing an order is a good idea — looking up other bloggers’ past unboxings will give you a better idea what sort of items to expect from each company, and whether those fit your hopes for your particular subscription adventure.

Because, yes, every time you receive a subscription box, it is an adventure. Since you never know just what is in each shipment until it arrives, the anticipation is thrilling. Even if you believe getting excited over what might be in one small Owl Crate is trivial, in the end, you’ll find yourself racing to the post office on the morning of delivery.

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And it truly is magic to see just how much is packed into that little crate! Once you begin unpacking, you’ll find yourself reminded of that bag Hermione had in The Deathly Hallows, that was the size of a regular purse, but contained books and multiple changes of clothes and even a portable tent. Within the subscription box, layered on top of each other with proper skills, are well-packed tote bags, bookmarks, coasters, hats or socks, keychains, and sometimes really special items, like an umbrella or bookends. And, of course, there’s always a new-release book, signed by the author, and often with a special note composed by said author.

Below is the February 2019 Owl Crate as an example:

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We also own items from an experimental order of Illumicrate, which included a Strange the Dreamer-inspired umbrella that Muffin loves, and a Darker Shades of Magic-themed bag that I carry my business cards in. That’s the other incredible part of this experience — you had no idea you even needed certain objects until they arrive in your subscription box, and after you have them, you will find uses for them.

For example, this used to be me: “A glass water bottle? How impractical is that!” “Who would wear a sleep mask? Won’t that be too uncomfortable on your ears?” Then both of these were in the May Owl Crate, and, well…yes, I now am using a glass water bottle (sporting a Stardust quote!), and a sleep mask.

Here’s the best thing about getting book-ish swag that’s still so functional: It is an autist’s dream come true. Being a visual person, I’m naturally attracted to shiny things; but the intensely pragmatic side of my nature means that I can only stand so much that’s purely decorative and doesn’t serve some other sort of purpose. The amount of useful things packed into subscription boxes is just awesome. 

And we can’t forget about the books themselves! While each selection might be hit or miss for your personal taste, there is always something deeply satisfying about unwrapping a signed edition of a brand new release. And who knows, it may become your next favorite! And a true bookdragon knows that is worth taking the risk.

So while this post may sound a lot like an endorsement for Owl Crate, I swear it’s not; I’m just relating my experiences with this first-time adventure of having a subscription box, and so far, it’s been good. It’s why I encourage everyone who hasn’t given this idea a shot yet to do so when you have the chance!

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6 thoughts on “Subscription Boxes Deliver Magic”

  1. That’s cool that your experience has been so positive! I’ve considered subscription boxes in the past, but both the price and the possible impracticality of the items have scared me off. You’re pushing me to reconsider, though!

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    1. There are definitely pros and cons to weigh before you place an order! And some boxes won’t work for some people, based on their contents, or the types of books they tend to offer. There are several to choose from now, so just doing a little browsing on the various websites can help you make up your mind pretty quickly! For me, Owl Crate is the best, because they often feature YA and fantasy titles, and I have yet to receive a “truly useless” item in any of their shipments! (Also, sharing something you don’t personally want or need with someone who does want or will use it is a real possibility! My boys have taken some of the items that I wasn’t sure about or already had something similar!)

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  2. Yesss I LOVE Owlcrate!! Like I do rep for them but I honestly truly always love their boxes, their book picks, and the quality of their items?! Like I’ve done some rep work for a fair few books and sometimes they just get filled with cheap crap and it’s annoying 🙈Owlcrate is always fab though. And I got my first Fairy Loot the other day and omg. Absolutely incredible. Plus SO much fanarty things which are my personal favourites 🤗

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    1. Sadly, Crown of Feathers fell a bit flat for me – the world building was good, and phoenixes are definitely an underused mythological/magical creature – but the author’s style just didn’t work for me! a bummer!

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