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Here’s My Two Cents

Beautiful Black Cat with Gold Eyes Portrait Journal: 150 Page ...

I have a million things I could say about the current (rightful) unrest happening in our country and being reflected around the world. But I really don’t think I’m the right person to be saying it, and others have said it all much better, and more appropriately. But this is what I can do, and will do — here are some under-recommended recommendations for reading, and viewing, to help inform, and inspire, not just now, but all the time.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo. A good book for teens ...

With the Fire On High: 

Full disclosure — this wasn’t completely my cup of tea, purely because I am not the biggest reader of contemporary fiction. But this is a great story about the struggles of a teenage mother, and her desire to keep alive her dream of cooking professionally. With the Fire on High doesn’t shy away from addressing the stigma of trying to finish high school while raising a small child — and also provides hope for the future, even in this situation. This is absolutely an important novel, and I think it should be widely read. On The Come Up (9780062498564): Thomas, Angie: Books

On The Come Up:

Everybody’s still talking about Angie Thomas’ debut novel, The Hate U Give, but her fantastic second release is sadly out of focus. For someone who really didn’t care for the writing of the former, I loved the style of the latter. The text and the message, the story and the real-life topic, are easily woven together here, and On The Come Up feels so natural and from the heart. If this isn’t already on your TBR, it needs to be.

Misty Copeland "Life In Motion - An Unlikely Ballerina ...

Life In Motion (An Unlikely Ballerina): 

Misty Copeland is one of the few people of color rocking the American ballet scene, and I want everyone who loves the fine arts to know who she is. Her autobiography delves into the details of her personal challenges, as a black woman in a traditionally white field, and shows how she made her mark there. In spite of her groundbreaking status, Misty’s voice is utterly unpretentious and heartfelt, regardless of the topic or discussion of the chapter. By the way, you don’t have to be an expert on ballet to enjoy her story.

Moana review: after 80 years of experiments, Disney has made the ...

Disney’s Moana:

Put aside the Hawaiian connection for a minute, and revel in this tale of a young woman of color going out, on her own, to save the world she knows, and discover what else might be out there. Moana is a beautiful twist on the coming-of-age narrative, and the primary focus is on not giving up, no matter the odds.

Raising Dion's flaws are what also makes it appealing - PRIMETIMER

Raising Dion (Netflix): 

I’ve been discreetly trying to find ways to encourage diversity in Muffin’s entertainment consumption, and this one he stumbled on before I did. Raising Dion is a wonderful depiction of a mother’s love; of explaining to children there is good and evil in the world, pain and joy, at a level they can understand and relate to. It’s also a show that subtly touches on the fact there simply aren’t many POC superheroes. For anyone with a Netflix account, do give this one a watch.

Top 10 Hair-Raising Reasons You Need a Black Cat - The Trupanion Blog




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