Fire And Wind: The Newest Addition to The Order of the Twelve Tribes Universe!

Long-Overdue Update On My Writing! – The Invisible Moth

SO! It’s been a pretty long, sometimes grueling journey to get this one into print and onto shelves. But FINALLY Fire and Wind is available on Amazon, and the Barnes & Noble link will be ready soon, too!

Just a couple of notes for my readers: If you haven’t yet finished Healers and Warriors, Volume 3 of the Order of the Twelve Tribes series, there are a few spoilers, since I’ve tied this standalone novel into the canon. (Because I’m clever like that.) But, if you need to catch up, Volume 3 (as well as Volume 1 and 2!) is on sale at Amazon and B&N, paperback and ebook.

It was about a year and a half ago that I started on this project in earnest, and too many unforeseen obstacles made it a lot more difficult to complete than I would’ve hoped. The fact it’s AT LAST a reality owes a whole lot to Editor Extraordinaire, Deborah O’Carroll, whose sharp eye, patience and compassion never seem to wear thin, and who was a never-ceasing cheerleader for seeing this book brought to life!

Also, big shout-out to Megan McCullough for the terrific (as always!) cover, though we had to wait a bit to share the final product!

So, there we are — another release under my belt! And always and forever, THANK YOU to those of you who have supported my work from the start and are still cheering me on! Realistically all these stories would still be in notebooks in a drawer without you all!

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