6 Years on WordPress?!: Featuring Some Long-Winded Ramblings and a Little Self-Deprecating Humor

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How have I been on WordPress for 6 years??

Easy, really. I just kind of…keep blogging…right?

What’s truly amazing is that, in a time period when I can’t even remember when I last changed my socks, I did recall I had a blogging anniversary coming up before the website notified me.

So, 6 years. Yes, it’s been a while. And this blog has been through some changes.

Honestly, when I first started it, I did so because I had a new baby and no sense of self; Muffin took up so much of my time and energy (as infants tend to do), and all my previous incarnations — Early Childhood employee, dance teacher, possible-one-day-author — were completely on hold. I wanted to do something just for me. It would help maintain my sanity while caring for a preemie who required more of my patience than I thought existed.

The blog began with weekly posts about family life and me exploring this new space, and what it could mean for a modest housewife trying to find her place in it. Despite social media hardly being a new thing by 2015, I hadn’t gone any further into it than determining which YouTubers were appropriate for White Fang to watch.

So, diving into blogs of all sorts and eventually getting on Twitter, Facebook, briefly Pinterest, and Goodreads for a while became a journey, full of ups and downs, and not only did I learn a bunch about how real people behave in cyber-life, but also — in a non-cliche way — about myself.

The more I got into reading blogs about publishing and writing, the more determined I grew to join the swelling ranks of indie authors. The less I wanted to post humorous quips from my kids; the more I wanted to focus on the things that shaped my passions and goals.

And I did it. I created author accounts and learned how to use Nook Press, and started uploading files and pressing the “Publish Now” button.

That was 7 books ago — 4 in a series, and 3 collections of short stories. Am I a bestseller? God, no, not even close! But I can still pick up one of several paperbacks with my name on it and honestly say, “I WROTE THIS.” The fact I have accomplished something I dreamed for years of doing can’t be changed or taken away.

And while my blog now covers everything from brutally honest book reviews to sly comments on the state of life, my writing style hasn’t strayed far from the “cozy fantasy” I always hoped to produce.

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It’s interesting that it appears I haven’t changed that much, after experiencing so much that has certainly broadened my perspective, my outlook, and my plans.

I’m continually meeting new people that either affirm or challenge thoughts and opinions I’m used to (for good or for scream-inducing). I’m frequently learning about authors and movies that are increasing my personal database of new likes or dislikes, reinforcing my own tastes and standards.

I’ve also realized that, while it’s important to keep your eyes open, and sometimes your mind, holding true to what your heart yearns for is vital to having health and happiness.

Therefore, in spite of the downs, I’m still here for the ups. In the last 6 years, I’ve met so many wonderful friends; supporters and loyal readers; once complete strangers who stumbled on my little corner of the blogisphere and never left. You’re a big part of the reason I haven’t wandered off to other pastures, and why the flowers and sunshine are still hanging around here.

This unremarkable, naturally introverted, happily-low-key moth was, is, and will be forever grateful to be sharing this path with all of you.

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4 thoughts on “6 Years on WordPress?!: Featuring Some Long-Winded Ramblings and a Little Self-Deprecating Humor”

  1. Awwww! Happy Blogiversary!!! *confetti* I always SO enjoy your posts! You write such thought-provoking topics and I love it!

    Blogging really is quite the rewarding endeavor. It’s been a HUGE blessing to me and I’ve made some of my dearest friends via blogging. I’m so glad it’s been good to you as well. I’m looking forward to another year of wonderful Daley goodness over here! ^_^

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