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Blog Tour: The Intra-Earth Chronicles, Book 1 – The Two Sisters

Good morning! Been quite a while since one of these! Today I’m on the blog tour for The Intra-Earth Chronicles (Book 1: The Two Sisters).

By author Kara Jacobson, published by Atmosphere Press, this is a short book that packs a punch of dystopian action, focusing on two sisters, Sasha and Adrianne, who have been separated by a sudden catastrophe. Among all the confusion of their world literally collapsing, these two kids are just trying to get back to each other.

The action keeps on at a steady pace throughout this short tale, but there is a bunch of worldbuilding thrown in to break down the girls’ environment, what their life was like before the disaster, and the sorts of peoples and territories they’re dealing with in their separate journeys. Because of the vastness and richness of this world, I really hoped this tale would be a little longer, to let the reader explore more! Given, though, that the title includes “Book 1,” I’m sure there will be more to come!

This is intended to be a middle-grade novelette, and the content is appropriate for younger readers. So feel free to dive into this one with your own tweens!

About the author:

Kara Jacobson resides in the beautiful, rolling hills of Red Wing, MN with her husband and young son, Logan. She and her husband both work at the local hospital, where they first met. Born with an insatiable appetite for science fiction, Kara has always been intrigued with the notion of entire civilizations existing within the earth. She was a New Media Film Festival (2021) nominee for The Intra-Earth Chronicles, Book I: The Two Sisters.

There’s also an excellent giveaway for this tour — 5 signed copies of the book plus 2 $25 Visa gift cards!

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